Saving Mr. Banks……People We See, Paths that Cross…..Who are they; Really?

Saving Mr. BanksI have often stated that there are two ways to do something in today’s world; ‘To do it’, and/or “To do it the Disney way”.  Whether it is the way to move a food line, or to create amusement rides, or even create a new movie–there is just something done in a certain, dare I say magical, way when the name Disney stands before it.  With financials amounting to 36 billion in 2010, I would say financial success is evident as well.

I saw the movie Saving Mr. Banks last night and it was wonderful.  Feel safe, I will add no spoiler alerts in this article so keep reading.  I know more than the average person about ‘Disney stuff’ because I have always been fascinated with the World of Disney and read up on it when I can.  I’m no expert but probably know a little more than most.  I knew a little of the story behind Disney’s attempt to get Mary Poppins made into a movie before this film was released.  It was fun to see what was real and what was, let’s say, artistically altered for the movie.  That happens in Hollywood but if you ever liked Mary Poppins or found anything about Walt Disney and his company fascinating, you will  like this film.

Tom Hanks was good, Emma Thompson was brilliant (I see an Oscar Nom her way for this performance).  Go see it….you’ll like it.  I surely did.

There is a part in the movie when Walt is speaking (again, I will ruin nothing for you).  He states something about himself that made me think of this community we are in called the diabetes community.  Or I guess it is also the online community of any type.  What do we really know about each other?  Surely we all know the name Walt Disney, but how much do we really know about him (FYI–at the time of his death, his remains were not frozen as urban legend has it–he was cremated).

Now none of us are famous like Walt Disney but who we have come to know must be so little compared to who we all are once we ‘hit’ ‘esc’ on our computers and return to our worlds.

We do know each other for the brief moments that we see each other in an online setting but how much do we REALLY know about each other, don’t we?   Now I have reconnected with many friends from other aspects of my life and surely we know each other enough to thoroughly enjoy being reconnected.  Others I have met originally online and met in person at conferences, research updates, or meet-ups. 

But just as I watched this movie last night, in addition to being this giant mogul of the entertainment world, Walt Disney went home each night and was faced with kids, family, and his mind was filled with what was happening at work; just like we do.  There is an entire world of 23 hours and 40 minutes that we do not see people (times, I’m sure, vary) and everyone returns to…….well….life.

Moms, dads, law enforcement officers, stay-at-home moms, stay-at-home-dads, saving lives, first responders, mass transit, executives, writers, lecturers, publishers, actors, singers, waiters, waitresses, office administrators, clerical, lawyers, and the list goes on and on all dealing with problems and life; bills, mortgages, death, accidents, illness, fun, laughter, friends, schools (and EVERYTHING that goes with schools from concerts to 504 plans), parties, work, hobbies. and that list goes on and on also.

Just a little food for thought; that everyone we are in contact within an online community probably we each play only but a small role in their life.  An active role, and in some instances even a larger role, but truly we all must respect the lives of the people we meet.  We all must understand that this is a big world and the intersection of our lives meeting on this internet highway is a gift.  Always know that the person with whom you confer does much in their life just as you do and much that you may not even know that much about.   And how great is that?

Just as I watched Tom hanks perform as Walt Disney and it made me realize that the I know so little about who he was, so too it must be with those we so briefly, but willingly, interact with each day online.

How exciting to know that people have such full lives ‘offline’.  That was a good thought I had when leaving the movie…….now if I can only resolve myself into believing that the wonderful brilliance that Disney left behind will also fix their present policies with speed passes for those with disabilities; I will sleep better once again.

I am a diabetes dad.

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