The Armor of Passion………Is not Just Worn by those so Close. Something to Remember.

ArmorIn the words of my dear friend, and colleague in this diabetes battle, Charlie Rizzo; “I have to do this.”

I have always loved that phrase.  I do.  I, as well as many of you, are drawn to place ourselves in the armor of battle to take on whatever cause that becomes real for us in our diabetes world.  Diabetes management, philanthropy, school injustices, diabetes worldwide, and anything else that we feel needs tending to due to a void left that needs filling.  Armor on; battle onward.

That’s us.  Us as parents or PWDs (people with diabetes), grand parents or anyone else having a loved one with diabetes.  But just because there is such a close tie to the very thing we would love to remove forever, it should be pointed out that we do not own the market on passion or compassion.  In as much as it is a ‘given’ that those of us who live with diabetes so close to the heart, are full of the spirit, drive, and absolute focus to make a difference; we are by no means alone.

I have a friend of mine and her name is Paula.  Paula is a writer, editor, producer, and an absolute guru when it comes to the written word.  She is a genius.  She would fight me on every turn as far as calling her that but she surely is (when she reads this, I can see the email now)  🙂 .  Her articles, her books, and her footprint in the diabetes community are all absolutely undeniable. 

Paula’s husband nor her children have diabetes.  Just by the number of people who live with diabetes every day, I’m sure almost everyone can say there is a loved one in their family who has diabetes.  But the passion usually reflected by a parent or grandparent or a PWD does not impact Paula’s life.

But I would argue, and argue vehemently, if anyone told me that Paula’s passion was anything but absolutely real to make this a better world for people living with this insidious disease. 


It is not a divine right, that we who are so close to diabetes, are the only ones with enough passion to make a difference.  There are people out there who make HUGE differences in this diabetes world who have no immediate ties.  Health professionals, private industry, research and development, government, writers, philanthropy, and just about any other field you can imagine, there are people making a difference; not for just a paycheck but because at the end of the day, they want to see this world a better place than the way they found it.

Paula is one of the most incredible, warm, and loving human beings that you will ever come across.  And on top of that she is brilliant in anything that she has touched dealing with diabetes; and we are all much better off that she has touched our lives.

Remember, passion-shared is a gift; and I’ll take that any time, by anyone, who can help us in this diabetes world.  I wouldn’t wish this disease on anyone but not everyone needs to live with it to want to help us accomplish our goals.  Something to remember next time you see someone with their sleeves rolled up and helping in some way. 

When you ask, “Do you have diabetes in your family”, and they say “no”; that is not the time to then look away because you think they do not understand, but rather; look them straight in the eyes and say “thanks for being involved”.  We have to do this—-because we love our kids; but others who do not ‘have to do this’ could choose something altogether different for their time, expertise, energy, and talents; how lucky are we that they are making a difference in the world of diabetes for us.  Like Paula.

I am a diabetes dad.

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2 replies on “The Armor of Passion………Is not Just Worn by those so Close. Something to Remember.”

Dear author, Thank you so much for the wonderful comments about Paula, my daughter. I am so proud of her. She is all and more the woman that the author has described. Loving, caring, never judgmental, dedicated and so much more. She cares about all humanity. If you knew her you would love her and respect her as much as I do.

Mine was but an intro to prove a point—–there are not enough pages to fill the volumes of good Paula means to this world. Period. Thank you for sharing her with the world……your style of writing lends me to believe where she learned her craft and compassion. Congratulations on all that she is……and thank you.

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