(Part 2) But the Door WILL Open……Fear is Fleeting

Door openedWell it is safe to say, by the thousands of people who read and responded to my last article, that we all pretty much have begun a day as I wrote about; in the same manner, at one point or another.

It is my hope that the moment is short-lived. 

As a parent we have many different fears.  Fears for our children both with and without diabetes.  But as I read through some of the many, many comments, and messages sent to me; another aspect of this disease came to mind.  Constant fear.

When I wrote my article I spoke of a fear.  One.  Singular.  And most important, fleeting moment of; fear.   Key word: fleeting.  The incident I wrote about ast week, for me, was but a reminder of that fear, and nothing else.  I share with you many aspects of our life with diabetes in the Karlya household. This was one.

Comments such as “I have not had one good night’s rest since my child was diagnosed”, are sentences that break my heart because one cannot live like that for any long periods of time without it impacting many health areas of one’s life; both mentally and physically.  I’m not here to tell you what to do and not to do, but I want to be clear about this and surely accept and welcome the discussion; if fear is the dominant force in your battle with diabetes, you need to re-evaluate.  Fear comes in many shapes and forms but if it is not the single-most focused aspect in the lives of our kids.  And my guess is that it should not be in your’s either.

I have stated numerous times how important it is to live life.  I marvel at the many things our kids achieve.  PLEASE focus on that aspect.  PLEASE post those aspects.  PLEASE share those aspects because THAT IS what it’s all about.  LIVING.   Grabbing life and everything it has to offer.

Most people ‘got’ what I meant with my article but when I read how all-consuming diabetes is in some people’s lives; I just needed to re-visit and stress to these same people to realize that the bigger moments are the achievements of our kids and not my (or yours) turning of a bedroom door knob on one particular morning.

My kids’ lives are truly really full with their dreams, their desires, their approach to life, their lives at school and/or at work……..they define living.  And yours should too.  They have diabetes and that is an aspect of their lives.  What they do each and every day are an inspiration to me, and should be to you as well.  It is that approach that will always overshadow any fleeting fears of mine.

On one day, one particular day, I had a fear and I shared it; but most days are full of that doorknob being turned and opening another day chock-full of possibilities.  That is how we choose to live and it is my hope that you have found that same feeling in your life as well.

I am a diabetes dad.

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