Super Hero……Actual Proof that YOU Fit the Bill

Super hero parentssu·per·hero

noun \-ˌhir-(ˌ)ō, -ˌhē-(ˌ)rō\

: a fictional character who has amazing powers (such as the ability to fly)

: a very heroic person

Sound like a few people you might know?   I came across this today and those, both, who live with, and deal with, diabetes seem to fit this definition, don’t you think.

I, for one, take issue with the notion of a super hero being a fictional character and I know some may take issue with the “….(such as the ability to fly)….” line aspect, but I have to ask you the following.  To be up half the night with a child who is dealing with keytones and everything that goes with that, arising in the morning and preparing breakfast for kids and getting them to school, showering and going to work, coming home and whatever happens for the rest of the night from meal preparation to homework etc etc; AND DOING it all again??????   Well that surely fits the ‘amazing powers’ addressed in the definition now doesn’t it?

Let’s address the “..a very heroic person..”.  When one of our kids, gets smashed in the face with a soccer ball, defends a goal, runs off the field for a juice box because they are low and gets back on the field again–heroic.   When one of our kids battles a night-time low and wakes up for class again to further their degree in nursing–to help others–heroic.  When one is dealing with a site change and the alarm bell goes off with an ambulance call and they are the EMT on the back of the rig–heroic.  When anyone with diabetes gets knocked flat-out because of the disease and gets up and ‘goes right at life again’–yeah, tell me that is not heroic.

And as in all Super Heroes, the humility is ever-present, “…just doing what I gotta do….”.

So there it is.  In a real and concise manner I have defended the fact that parents and people with diabetes are Super Heroes……..anyone want to dispute that claim????

I am a diabetes dad.

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