A Story of a Mega Talent Who Cares…….A Story to Inspire your Kids.

Kevin CWDThere is a friend of mine.  His name is Kevin.  Kevin has type 1 diabetes.  Kevin comes from a great family, a close family.  They celebrate good times together, root for their home teams together, and live life as anyone would hope to live life.  He has a great mom and dad and has a sister and a brother.  The American Family.

When it comes to character, Kevin’s dad is a very strong man and in fact he is one of the strongest men I know.  For years he was a Sheriff and knows a thing or two working with people who become incarcerated.  I tell you that so you have a picture in your mind what I mean when I say strong.   His family values are enviable. 

I read a saying once that said there is nothing stronger than gentleness, and nothing gentler than real strength.  That’s Kevin’s dad.  His dad has played a very active part in Kevin’s diabetes.  He reads a lot and he works a lot at making sure Kevin knows and is given the options in his diabetes management.

This is a family who truly understands that diabetes is something that needs attention; and then it is time to get back to living.  No fan fare.  No drama.  They just get it done and move on.  What so many find hard to do, the Covais Family has mastered.

A family moves along in life and something happens that changes their entire landscape.  Many times that story is not always a good story; this story is NOT that kind of story.
Kevin has a gift; Kevin can sing.  Not just sing-sing; I mean REALLY sing.  As he stood before the judges, those who were watching thought Kevin was nervous because he looked almost as if he was shaking. 

His father, waiting offstage in the wings, knew exactly what was going on; Kevin’s blood sugar was dropping/running low.  He quickly opened up an orange juice and waited for him off stage.  Kevin was not in a place where he could just walk off and tend to his diabetes because you see, the person speaking to him was Simon Cowell; and he was live in front of millions of people on season five of American Idol. 

After first auditioning in Boston and after American Idol saw thousands and thousands of people in many US cities; Kevin made it to the top twelve.  He did not win, but being only 16 years old and in the top twelve that included Katharine McPhee, Taylor Hicks, Ace Young, Kellie Pickler, and more–well that’s not such bad company to keep, is it?

Kevin, since I have known him, has always been the first person to ask me, “What can I do to help?”  How can I get in front of kids and tell them my story so they can realize that diabetes does not have to stop them from anything.”  He has performed in front of thousands of kids at the CWD FFL Conference and in many schools telling his stories to kids.  Telling them that diabetes should stop them from nothing.  He is captivating.

He stays afterwards and he chats with the parents, he talks to the kids one-on-one and at some point he will sing.  And that gorgeous voice of his will resonate with each person in the room as if he is singing directly to them, and as if they are the only one in the room.  He will reach out and touch kids.  He will tell them; even with diabetes everything will be okay

Here is a great video of Kevin that we did when I was at dLife.  You will see exactly what I mean:

All these years later, I watched last night as Kevin performed in his 7th episode of Disney’s Good Luck Charlie.  I reached out to him after the show and congratulated him on a fine performance, and we chatted.  He said he gets recognized by kids now for his role in Good Luck Charlie more than Idol. At the ripe ‘old age’ of 24, Kevin already has a history in the entertainment field.  He is known by many but his unique style in everything that occurs in his life lends me to believe that this incredible talent WILL one day be a household name.  Right before he hung up he said to me, “….if ever you need me in any way; I’m always ready to sing, speak, and be with kids.  All you have to do is call.”

And from this ever-rising star, that statement didn’t surprise me one bit.  That’s Kevin.

I am a diabetes dad.

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