A Quick Clip Regarding Justin Bieber that will Leave You Scratching Your Head!


If you want to get to a root (not ‘THE’ root—just ‘A’ root) problem with the priorities in today’s world, all you would need to do is watch this clip (click the picture above).  Or is it more of just a statement on what the media thinks of our elected officials?

A Congresswoman……A UNITED STATES CONGRESSWOMAN is being interviewed on MSNBC when the reporter works emphatically to interrupt her for a breaking story.  Watch the less-than-30 seconds-clip and let me know if I have this wrong?  

Well we now know where elected officials sit with our media…….don’t we?


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One reply on “A Quick Clip Regarding Justin Bieber that will Leave You Scratching Your Head!”

Hi Tom…I couldn’t agree more. You know, I haven’t had cable TV for, oh golly, I don’t even know how long it’s been! But I’ve had a lovely vacation recently, where we had these 24 hour news stations available to watch, and it took me only a short while to make an observation that I’m sure most people know…at least I HOPE they do…and that is that these stations are nothing but junk-food-news. It’s nothing but filler-fluff pieces, necessary to keep the talking heads employed. This bit with the Congresswoman and Justin Bieber is not at all surprising to me…it’s standard fare when one is consuming a junk-food-news diet. I’ll take my local network news each evening, plus one of the world news shows that follows the local news, and then watch headlines on my internet home page for breaking news that might be important to follow.

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