A Young Man Taking on Diabetes…….Let Him Know How GREAT HE IS!!!!!!!! Diabetesdad’s Hero of the Day.

IsaiahIsaiah is four years old and was diagnosed three weeks after his first birthday.  Proud mom just shared this photo showing off his new CGM which he put on willingly and ‘without tears’, I am told.  Look at the beautiful and energetic face.  This little man is ready for anything.  Diabetes will stop him from NOTHING!!!!!!

We write so many things about so many issues here on the Diabetes Online Community. On this post–please congratulate Isaiah for taking a step so willingly and bravely.  Whether someone uses a CGM or not is completely a call you can make with your family and medical team. But when made, as in this case, Isaia was ready, willing, and taking it all in stride. 

Mom tells me that Isaiah lives life in a manner where diabetes stops him from nothing…and THAT is why he is Diabetesdad’s Hero of the Day.  Please let this young man know how proud we are of him!!!!!!  Reply on this post with a message to Isaiah.

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30 replies on “A Young Man Taking on Diabetes…….Let Him Know How GREAT HE IS!!!!!!!! Diabetesdad’s Hero of the Day.”

Looking good Isaiah! Congratulations on your new CGM. You are amazing to give it a go; well done! Have fun, and stay awesome!! x

That is great Isaiah! You are so brave! Hope this CGM really helps you! Have a good time with all of the fun things you like to do!

Hey – Isaiah! Now you’re like my Tegan – a zomborg (part zombie – part cyborg) – and part Ninja warrior (for putting the CGM in all by yourself)!! You rock!!!

I personally know Isaiah and he is a happy young man. I’ve seen him receive his shots without tears and I hope this new device helps him have a happy, healthy life.

Hi Isaiah! I was so inspired by the story of how you put on your first sensor all by yourself and with such bravery! I decided to try my new sensor this week too! I am very proud of us both and was wondering if you would be one of my diabetes superhero friends? Jill

Go Isaiah! Your TT Tasha is so very proud of you! Were gonna have to have a date @ toys r us really soon! Love u Ike

Hello All
Thank you so much for your kind words, Isaiah will continue to live his life without limits!!! Thanks again and together we can continue to advocate for diabetes!!
-Proud Mom (Isaiah’s mom)

Isaiah you rock! Wow, so brave (and so handsome!) keep smiling gorgeous, you must make your family so proud to have such a superhero around!! X

I have always seen you as a very energetic young man. It is great to know that diabetes is not slowing you down and your attitude to the new device is awesome. I applaud you and your Mom for sharing and being an example for others to follow. Isaiah you are our HERO!!!!

What can I say about an amazing gift from god? My great nephew is and continues to be such an inspiration! I’m so blessed to witness a strong, confident boy. Isaiah, This gift looks good on you and praise The Lord you wear it we’ll!!!! Thank you lord- and thank you Jesus for choosing Tasia to be his mom – he has so many of your traits! I’m bold enough to say it runs in the Family 🙂 !!!!

Isaiah, I’m very proud of you. You are a brave “young man.” Keep living your “life without limits.” Thanks Tasia for allowing Isaiah’s life to touch and change our lives.

Isaiah you are my hero! I am so so proud of you my little buddy. .. You are so brave and God has made you a blessing to so many..I love you!!

Isaiah, You are truly a remarkable young man! God has begun a great work in your life and He will continue to do great things through you! Please continue to love, rely on and trust in Him and you will have the desires of your heart!
Dr. Jean Swopes

Way to go Isaiah! My little girl, also 4, was diagnosed with Type 1 at the age of 1 year too. She isn’t ready to try a CGM or let anyone touch her tummy! You are very brave and your family must be extremely proud of you.

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