Tonight On Our Shewwww……….And HERE they are; The Diabetes Community (Applause, Loud Screaming etc.)

Ed SullivanTo my knowledge, there was never a BOC (Beatles Online Community), was there?  As I watched the tribute of fifty years since the ‘fab four’ appeared on the Ed Sullivan show last night I, along with all of America I’m sure, just marveled at the impact these four from Liverpool had on the world around us.

What was going through their minds as artist after artist paid them tribute last night in a star-studded evening?  How could four human beings actually create the stir, the hype, the excitement, the headlines, and more hoopla than anyone could ever imagine?

To be clear, I believe they were/are beyond a mega talent of which we may never see the likes of again.  When you stop to think that all of this was achieved without the use of one ounce of social media.  None. Zilch.  No Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter photos and messages to spread the word about this unheard of group called the Beatles, it makes one wonder that much more at their success.

In an interview last night, Paul McCartney stated that all four could (and did) stand alone as incredible artists; and when bought together as one, the four created something very different that no one, even they themselves, knew would happen.  A different voice was created.

There is a huge lesson in that message for all of us in the diabetes community.  In the need to create something special, four talented young men joined together.  Paul met John, Paul knew George…..and they were off,  I have stated before that it is quite clear that there are many groups, organizations, camps, foundations, and boards doing wonderful things in the diabetes community. 

All are different and all are very good at what they do.  Very good.

I still believe if there was a successful attempt at just one voice for one message even for one day—-the coming together of every voice would create a new voice of which this world has never seen before.

And imagine what the impact would be in this world of diabetes if people heard just this one voice, asking for whatever it was that we all deemed necessary to change the world—-I guarantee it would produce hit after hit after hit.

Imagine the possibilities!!!!!!!

I know it is just a dream but it surely would be beautiful music, wouldn’t it?  “There are places I remember…………in my life I love them all.”

I am a diabetes dad.

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