Gold Medal P and G Olympic Commercial—Moms of Children with Diabetes Deserve Their Own….Agree?

Gold medalThere is this P&G commercial that is featured during the Olympics about moms.  Have you seen it.  Well here it is and I would like you to take a look…click the picture below.

P&G moms

Now my point today is not just about this commercial.  It is a grab-a-tissue-and-get-choked-up sort of commercial, isn’t it?

Let’s accept the fact that this commercial is done knowing that dads are in the picture somewhere; and I think there are exceptions to this rule where dads are stay-at-home dads and certainly should be recognized where the moms are recognized in the commercial.  So please understand that this article today is being written with the understanding that exceptions DO EXIST and some dad s should be substituted when I speak of moms; but I know myself as well as others know that those instances are the exception.

Am I the only one who watches this commercial and thinks of every mom to a child with diabetes?  Let’s accept the fact that all moms are special and not everyone is going to the Olympics.  Every mom could be in the commercial and P&G’s idea is that all Olympians are seen as being different and special in-an-Olympic-sort of way by their moms first (exceptions being—see paragraph above) and they should be recognized for their sacrifice.

Sacrifice?  Do you know that word?

SO here is my point.  Am I the only one who watches this commercial and immediately thinks of every mom out there who has a child with diabetes?  Am I the only one that sees the commercial showing a mom getting up in the early morning hours to get their athlete-child ready for a work-out and in my head I immediately substitute a mom getting up once-twice-and sometimes three times in the darkness to check their child’s blood sugar?

Am I the only one who sees the hug after the competition and think it is the equivalent of the same hug after a rough night when diabetes which impacts our children?

Am I the only one who thinks that the medal presentation shown in the commercial where the mom is tearing-up; is what every mom of a child with diabetes feels at the end of EVERY day that is a day that diabetes has not won?  And also cries on the day when everything seems to fall apart.

Quite frankly, the P&G commercial is a great commercial but the moms of children with diabetes…….well what the P&G  commercial reflects during a period of time in an Olympian’s life, is in actuality what moms of children with diabetes live every day.

Where is THAT commercial?  Where is YOUR commercial? 

So when you see that commercial during the remainder of the Olympics; know that there is a group of moms that are moms of other winners that are not represented in that commercial.  The moms are rewarded only in the knowledge that their child is living a full life while managing their diabetes.

THAT is more-worthy of a trip to the award podium than anything else I know.  SO thanks moms!

I am a diabetes dad.

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