Part II: Celebrities are Great……….But Make No Mistake About It……………

HeartbeatLast week I made a point to highlight the number of celebrities who DO INDEED do something for many of the diabetes causes and represent many organizations.  I included some videos of just a few as an example of some of the work they do.


The heart and soul of any organization are the tens of thousands of volunteers who work tirelessly on the planning, the creating, and the follow-through on all events for every organization that works to: find a cure, fund a camp, educate, help others less fortunate,  give supplies, advocate, and do other things to help the many aspects of our diabetes community that is so desperately needed.

In other words: YOU.

One could not chart all of the events; in all of the cities; in all of the towns; for all of the diabetes organizations in a given year.  In as much as there is wonderful staff for each organization you can bet your last dollar that somewhere is a chairperson and a committee who gave countless hours to make ‘something happen’.

So in as much as it is important to understand the involvement of celebrities it can never be mentioned and acknowledged too many times how much volunteers do, and most do without fanfare.  They just get it done.  Many also donate resources and financially support the events for which they volunteer as well.

So to all those who create gift baskets, run walks, organize rides, create seating charts, place floral arrangements, obtain auction items, sell tickets, go to board meetings, attend committee meetings, testify before congress, write letters, and do so much more…….know that YOU are the pulse of any organization and they are lucky to have you.

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