Do Some People TELL YOU that You have Supplies in too Many Places???? They are WRONG!!!!

Back up planThe bags were packed, we had the diabetes supplies for the entire week.  I never expected the plane to be delayed as long as it was, I went through everything.

There was a car accident, we did not move for 3 hours, it should have been a thirty minute trip.

It was a holiday and nothing was open.

It has been stated so often but can not be stated enough. 

When you prepare your 504 plan, you MUST always consider what IS NOT the obvious.  The obvious will always be just that; but the unexpected is where we need to be at our best when it comes to diabetes.

It may seem like a simple trip.  99% of the time it will be a simple trip but if there is a possibility that something could happen that keeps you in the car much longer than you expect, will you be ready?

I learned a lesson a million years ago.  Jill had supplies everywhere.  In the car, in the back of the car, in her pocketbook, in a carry bag, at the nurses office, in each classroom; diabetes supplies were everywhere and not JUST IN the obvious area.  Here’s the thing, and I am not exaggerating one iota I when I tell you that I lost count (LOST COUNT) how many times the reserve was not only used, but the back-up to the reserve was used for whatever the reason it was needed.

Something was forgot at home, the ’emergency bag’ (we all know what that is) could not be found, the car keys became lost; and the list goes on and on and on.

SO if you have supplies everywhere and more, and you feel people ridicule you too much, PAY THEM NO MIND.  You do what YOU HAVE TO DO to make sure you have what you need, when you need it, when it comes to diabetes supplies.  LET NO ONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE BECAUSE THEY DO NOT KNOW—–YOU DO.  PERIOD.

If you have a back-up plan of supplies you should ask yourself what will you do if your back-up plan does not work.  If you forgot the ‘supply bag’ at home, the back-up supplies in your car are no longer the back up plan; they are the first plan.  You see, the interesting thing about diabetes is that there is no problem, until there is a problem.

Back when, I would have been the first person to tell you that we had supplies in too many places, I really would.  But it was something I learned and I learned very quickly at the amount of times we needed a back-up to the back-up.  Another time I learned just how much I DID NOT know about diabetes.  But I surely learned quickly enough.

If you have  back-up plan, GREAT!  Always take a look to see what your back-up to the back-up plan is……….at some point, and even if it happens only once; you will be glad you prepared.  Know this, I can assure you that in the years you will be dealing with diabetes…….it WILL happen more than once,

I am a diabetes dad.

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We got very lucky during Snowmaggedon I in Atlanta. I was stuck in a mini-van with my T1 child for 6 hours for what should have been a 20 minute trip. Luckily we had been at the endo’s office and were loaded up with glucose tab samples, insulin bottles for an upcoming trip, and since I am dieting I had a whole cooler of healthy snacks packed. I shudder to think what could have happened. My car will always have an emergency kit from now on!

Sometimes it can be hard to convince your medical team that you really do need that many extra of whatever. I have ended up going to the emergency room to get insulin because all my vials were in another state after a trip. My doctor did not think I needed so many extras so I did not have any at home.
On the other hand, my medical supply company a few years ago kept sending me more pump batteries than needed. That stockpile is still in date but most of the batteries are too weak now. So I am carrying a LOT of spare batteries around to make sure one works when I need it.

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