Sometimes One Must Just Take the Plunge……..Literally!

Tom Tube (2)How can I do that?  Why would I do that?

Because it’s needed, perhaps, or perhaps even an answer to a dare.  I stood above a mountain that was curved at the bottom and about 12 feet high to stop those from riding above the hill and out over the lake.

“Anyone ever go over that part?”  I asked the young man running the tube ride.
“Nope.”  And after a long wait, “Not yet.”

He answered in the negative and high-pitched loud, loud, laugh when I asked him if they had a “Bunny-tube-trail”?  This was my call to make.

My friend Ron stated—“……..if you go, I will.”   Ahhhhhh the dare is laid down.  I’m 55, I do not do high hills.  I do not ride tubes.  I just do not ‘do them’ anymore.  And a voice inside said to me, “Next year will be another year of fear, do it.”

I looked down the hill……I swear it was 2 miles long.  Okay maybe 200 yards.  It had a luge-like track with a long high curve.  Was I out of my mind?  But the little voice said, are you afraid?

Yes I was afraid.  Very afraid.

I stared down the hill……..I decided I could never talk about something I was ‘going to do’; to discuss it—–I had to do it.  Steve, another great friend and our host this weekend, walked by the staircase……”You need a tube?”
“Yes.” I said indicating partial commitment.

Steve bought me the tune.  “Go for it.”  I laid down on it.  And I was off.  I felt the cold air against my face and I screamed.

Yes I did.

I got to the curve and I slid right around as I was supposed to do.  I stopped and everyone was cheering.

I took the plunge.

I’m not known for running from a challenge.  Never ran from one in my life.  I have taken on many.  On this day I made a decision to take on another.  A plunge indeed and literally.

There are many parallels to take away from this story.  I think you get the picture.  When at the top of a mountain……..sometimes you have to take the plunge to understand.   But the feeling of accomplishment makes the risk seem so small when the challenge is conquered.

Take it on………..go ahead……I dare you.

I am a diabetes dad.

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