That Which DOES NOT Kill Us Makes Us Stronger………Must We Wait Until THAT Point???????

fistWe have all heard that phrase, have we not?  There is even a popular song out there saying the same thing.   If it does not kill us, it makes us stronger.  If we survive whatever we go through, the only option is to die or for us to become stronger.

But does ‘killing us’ have to be the only option?

I have found that by merely getting through a day, sometimes, has made me much stronger and dying was not going to be the second place choice I’m sure.  I understand that surviving ANYthing that is a force to be reckoned with will certainly offer us the opportunity to become tested-by-fire and strengthened.  But doing it or dying?  I think not.

Have you ever been in contact with someone who it seems that every little thing in their life is a mountain of trial-and-tribulation to them?  Every conversation or every post is that the world is falling apart around them?  Who can live like that?  I can’t.

Five years ago was a rough week for us.  When that week ended I meet someone who stated that they had a rough week because they had their credit card stolen and also dealt with a flat tire on the way to work.  On and on they went how miserable their week was and no one should go through what they did.

That same week, my dad died and my son (youngest of three and second one)was diagnosed with t1 diabetes 4 days later.  Outside;  I smiled to the person who was telling the story and told them that yes indeed they were having a tough week.  Inside; I was saying that they had no idea what a tough week was about.  But I kept it to myself.

Even that week was not a “kill-me-or-get-tough-kind-of-week”.  I honestly do not know if I have had that week yet.  I have had things make me stronger by experiencing, but as I stated, dying was/is not the option.

It does not have to “not” kill you to make you stronger—–it just has to test you.  And THAT happens every day.  If it is all the same to everyone else, I would not want to get to the point that it was survive or die.  I’ll take daily testing thank you.  And we get many, many, of those…….don’t we?

I am a diabetes dad.

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I had a weekend in 2010 wherein I thought I wasn’t going to survive it – and I wasn’t sure I wanted to. It was the weekend for a the Walk For a Cure. My older T1D child was taken to the ER in critical condition on Saturday night. She was brought in unconscious and they had to cut off her clothes and perform life saving measures on her. It was diabetes related. The following morning, my 2 year old was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in urgent care. I have a hard time listening to or empathizing with other mothers that complain about things that will heal. Drama over a broken arm, etc. I just can’t do it.

Tom, I completely understand what you mean I even know people family even that if their child was diagnosed the world would literally end, let alone any little thing going wrong in their lives I even felt almost mocked when im constantly counting carbs or checking blood sugars but if the roles were reversed Diabetes would bring them to their knees.

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