When Our Kids Get Involved in this World……….Well How Great is THAT?????

Mattinglys (2)People.

So many people in our lives.  So many who have helped along the way.

Constantly we read of those who felt all alone and that no one understands what we go through.  Constantly we read about those who seem all alone.  This makes me sad.
I do not think we were ever, really, all alone.  Hard times?  Oh sure, we all had hard times.  For years it was very hard but we always had people around us.  It may have been that, almost from the get-go, we joined with people who were trying to make a difference.  In their children’s lives, in the world around them.  They were there.

Organizations are great and all of them have their strengths and weaknesses, but the people we met; well……..IT’S ALL ABOUT the people is it not?  How great is it to find people going through what we go through?  Sorry that they are going through what we are going through, but glad we found each other just-the-same.

I was sent a clip recently of a news story.  You will have a chance to see it in a second; the clip has nothing to do with diabetes.  The young lady in the school uniform sitting closest to the News Anchor is Hannah (note: the news station identifies the two young ladies incorrectly), who is a senior in high school.

See the interview about teen violence by clicking here.

I have known Hannah since she was just a little girl.  Her brother, Ethan, has T1 Diabetes and I count her mom (Julia) and dad (Ed) as dear friends.  Hannah was really never the type of person who sat back and let others take her along; she would be the first to organize others. Hannah is about as sharp as anyone can be, with an incredible wit and a person who loves to laugh.  Her laugh and smile are infectious.  I’m not surprised to see her in a leadership role in this crucial project about Teen Violence; but I am no less proud either.

How great is it to see our young people grow-up and realize that there is a world around them where they can make a difference…..and they go out and do just that.  We have seen others do this and I could list so many who realize that an issue, an injustice, or an error in society just WILL NOT do.  And they go out and do something about it.

So today I pay tribute to Hannah, and the so many other Hannahs out there, who take on an initiative because they feel it’s important……….our kids are no longer just kids anymore and it warms my heart to see them understand that the world, indeed, belongs to them to make better.

I am a diabetes dad.

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