Barbie Dolls……..and Baseball Gloves.

Diabetes garbage“You cannot go out until you clean up all of these Barbie Dolls!!!”  “Must you leave your baseball equipment all over the house?????”  “Clean up your room.”

Sound familiar?

We, as parents, are the ultimate reminders, aren’t we?   No matter how hard we try, we still must tell our kids a thousand times to get something done.  Remind, remind, remind!!!

In the heavens above, astronauts use the phrase ‘space junk’ to describe a row of debris that is orbiting the earth that is stuff created by collisions or just left behind.  In fact, it is reported that we are following over 19,000 pieces of junk at sizes two inches or more in orbit around the earth… is that for a messy bedroom; astronauts must be no better than our kids at cleaning up after themselves.

No matter how hard I try, and no matter how many times I see it left behind; I always come up with a different feeling when I come across what I have pictured above.  It always and in all ways slaps me in the head exactly what our kids live with every day.

We have all found the arrangement I have pictured at one time or another, or something that resembles that picture; somewhere in our house or someplace in our lives (cars, vacations, etc etc).  An I am sure it is many, many times more than once.

It upsets me to see this picture because if it is all the same to everyone else; I miss when all we had to worry about was a baseball glove or a Barbie doll…….don’t you?

Even 21 years into this thing called diabetes.


I am a diabetes dad.

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