Watch this Amazing Short Video—It Reminds Me of…….Well…….many of You!!!!!

Something from nothingI saw this video.  Click the picture; it is pretty amazing and very short.  And it made me think of everyone out there who participates in organizing, running, and participating in an event for diabetes causes (I find it apropos that this is done with chocolate).

Whether it be for fund-raising or for education or for advocacy; no event ‘just appears’.   There is much work to accomplish the goals of each event.  Each event has a specific purpose and none get done without a lot of hard work, a lot of time, a lot of sweat, sometimes a few tears, and sometimes a little blood as well.  A bike, a walk, a dinner, a blog, an evening event, a sunrise appeal on The Hill and/or an initiative that GETS THE JOB DONE!

So share the event that you work on or that you do.  Be proud of it and share it here by replying to this post so others can see what you do and be inspired to do the same.  A lot of a little become a lot.

I have told this story a million times and quite honestly, it just never gets old.  Lisa Treese lives in Pennsylvania and she runs a walk every year.  She certainly does not do it alone and she is the first to pass off the credit.  I STILL remember when she first told me about it—-“who would ever come?” She wondered.  Now years later she still asks the question but come May; hundreds show up every year.  Her determination is admirable.  Have you ever looked at what Crystal Jackson does each and every year with the ADA and the fighting for our kids’ rights in school?  Have you ever read Moira McCarthy or Paula Fairchild’s testimony of their dealings on Capitol Hill with JDRF?  And just to be clear……it does not have to be a standing situation or event; it can be brand new and done solely on the premise; it needs to get done.   Find out about Bennet Dunlap’s incredible one-man effort (which is now an army) to hold companies and leaders more accountable for better accuracy in test strips at Strip Safely.  Or companies who choose to get fully involved like Walgreens in South Florida who consistently give thousands of work hours to raise money for the DRI.  None of this JUST HAPPENED—-these people cared enough to make a difference.

All of these wonderful people are by no means alone.  So share what you do.

Now back to the video about the chocolate and why did I include it.  Here is the catch… matter what; each and every time when wonderful people take on so much, give so much, and do so much—-one would think that there is just no more to give…..but somehow it all gets done and when completed; much is done and these wonderful people look as if the pot is STILL full and ready to do it again, and again, and again.

I learn that lesson each and every year with the so many who do, give, and complete such wonderful initiatives………….and come back and do it again.

So thank you to all those who say I won’t ‘just do nothing’ any longer and get out there, roll up their sleeves, and create something in which we all benefit.

Sweet as the best chocolate.

I am a diabetes dad.

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Thanks Tom……ironic……I was just taping a tv show today about our walk and after had a meeting with our school about plans for an assembly, selling paper “snoopy’s” and having “caps for a cure day”……AND Zach’s teacher offered to get into a dunk tank (if we get one)… was her idea!!!! We have a new principal…who has supported us before by talking about his diabetes…..he’s willing to do it all!!! I never had so much support…..and each year, when it seems to be a little smaller……it turns out to be bigger than the year before. We have new families joining us again…..we all are joined by two things…..the love for our children and the HOPE of a CURE!!

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