……..Because Some People are Worth Melting For……..A Parent’s Letter.

FrozenMy Dear Child,

It is more important that you do than I.

I wish I could take it all from you.

While you are at this age, I will do all that is necessary so you can grow.

When the time is right, you will know what I know and more.

I will cry enough for both of us so you can just enjoy youth.

Know that it kills me every prick of your finger, every injection of insulin.  Forgive me.

The pain I inflict on you freezes my heart only because I know it will keep you alive.

Is my biggest wish for you.

What makes me do for you all I do.

How I work–it’s not important that you know, only that you are able to; let it go…….let it go.

Everything I do in my diabetes world, I do for your my child; my love;  my hero; my strength; my little princess; my little prince.

I long for your fairy tale life and will fight with every ounce of energy to get it for you.

Because some people are worth melting for……..
………you are my ‘some’ people.

I love you.

I am a diabetes dad.

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