Could the CGM Ever Send Information to a Cell Phone?

glucometer cell phoneThis is more of a question than anything else but I thought I would ask you all.  Is there a reason or a thought behind the fact that if the CGM has a sensor and a receiver……could we not download software that would allow the same information to be ‘beamed’ to a cell phone; or more than one cell phone (for us parents  🙂  )?

And before you download……there is a disclaimer that states the user is aware that the software is not a substitution for the ‘real deal’ which will allow the liability to be negated.  The software cannot be downloaded to your phone without this consent.

Just seems to me that we might be able to eliminate a device.  Most people carry cell phones anyway.  Is it out there and I missed it?

What do you think?

I am a diabetes dad.

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