A Burning Event that Serves as a Reminder to All of Us.

Toaster fireJust finishing getting dressed, the fire alarm in the house started.  I walked down stairs into a house full of smoke.  Alarms blaring.  Much scarier than it looked, the toaster did not pop-up the English Muffin for the person using it(do people in the UK call it an English Muffin also?).  It started to smoke—-and it smoked a lot.

It reminded me of a scarier time when I was a child.  The toast did not pop-up and the wall and curtains caught fire.  The fire burned fiercely and went right out.  We were all VERY lucky.

The toast was supposed to ‘pop-up’.  Planes are supposed to stay in the air.  Cars are not supposed to malfunction.  What is supposed to happen and what does happen, sometimes, directly opposes each other.

This incident did not talk to me like Moses’ burning bush but it did remind me of something that was as clear as a bell, which I share with you today.

Let this serve as a reminder as it did for me.  Machinery CAN go wrong.  It’s not supposed to and you should never live in that fear but also; you should not have a false sense of security either.  Even with front wheel and/or all-wheel drive; your car will most assuredly slide on ice.

Make sure the devices you use to manage diabetes are well maintained and up-to-date.  Nothing takes care of the management of diabetes better than you (PWD or the parents doing the care-taking).  I don’t tell you that so you fret over it; I tell you that as just a reminder that nothing gets done ‘all by itself’ and checking things every now and again; and/or checking supplies every now and again, checking expiration dates every now and again, are all good practices to maintain.

So if you have not checked in a while that the stocks are up-to-date; and that expiration dates–especially in the back-up supplies you keep in the car, school, and elsewhere (at relatives and babysitter’s houses)–are all accounted for, today is the day to do so.

Just checking the check-list every now and again is a good thing because no one wants to slide on the ice; and no one wants to go without a toasted English Muffin in the morning because it burned.

I am a diabetes dad.

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