Have You Ever Suffered from Diabetes Dropsies????? Welcome to My Week!!!!!

Dishes fallingHave you ever suffered with ‘Diabetes Dropsies’?  It’s a phrase I made up.  It is just those times that, even though I know I know, I drop the ball.  It just seems that there must be a full moon or something because when it comes to diabetes, I am having it a tad rough lately.

Insurance company stuff, I want to choke someone; when I usually have it a tad better in control.  I must have called into their ‘stupid line’ by mistake because I find myself having to explain Everything.
“No, not aspirin, INSULIN”.  You get the picture.

Becoming extremely annoyed that stuff has disappeared out of the kitchen and crumbs are everywhere.  Now I know that it is from lows, but this week I cannot seem to get above wanting to really let out a scream when I know it is not their fault.   I know it.

Other things also, but I know you have been there too. Feel free to share what you go through or have gone through during the ‘Diabetes Dropsies’..   Looking back next week, I’m sure I will find the humor in my actions and reactions; but nothing is quite like going through a period of the Diabetes Dropsies.  Feel free to share.


I am a diabetes dad.

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