Labels….Labels….Labels. A Public Service Announcement from your Local DiabetesDad.

LabelsI want to save you from some grief.  Whether you have been at this for a week or over twenty-three years, there is something you should do, and many do not.  Kind of hard to explain why people do not do this; but so many don’t.


In this day and age it is so easy to make labels or you have labels (that you received from the American Diabetes Association with a nickel in a direct mail piece) from many organizations who make them and send them out.  Meters, diabetes bags, etc etc etc should have a label with your name and address; or whatever contact info you feel is appropriate.

This may surprise you but you are not alone.  I’m amazed when I attend the CWD FFL conference in Florida how many people DO NOT have any contact information on items of such importance.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

We become so used to having it and always “just think we do”.  THAT is a false sense of security.  You will leave it behind.  (And here is a tip—-when you go to someone’s house, leave your car keys with the bag, that way you can never forget it.)

What I know.  You WILL leave it somewhere, and it will probably be at the most inappropriate time to lose your ‘diabetes bag’.  (Translation, it is the one time you do not have a back-up).

So take 10 minutes now and make sure everything has your contact information on it, you will be glad you did.

That concludes today’s public service message.

I am a diabetes dad.

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6 replies on “Labels….Labels….Labels. A Public Service Announcement from your Local DiabetesDad.”

Yup, been there, done that! Left our whole unlabelled bag of supplies at the swimming baths once in the early days. Now we are safely labelled!

Funny, Mike; when I started to write it I thought I am sure everyone does this already. And my second thought was; why are we always announcing at CWD FFL that we FOUND a bag and if anyone lost it to let us know. So the article was born.

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