A Diabetes Bag by Any Other Name………What Do You Call Yours?

Diabetes bagI have noticed recently, that when people refer to their ‘diabetes bag’; you know that ‘quick-grab-and-get-and-take-with-you’ bag full of just enough diabetes supplies to help you in your travels, that they call it something.

You know, like a name.

I found that very interesting.  So today I would like to hear what you, in your household, call the diabetes bag.   This is a new phenomena to me as in our house we were very original and unique; we called it, “the diabetes beg’.

I wish we were more creative so please share by replying on this site—-what do you call the ‘diabetes bag’ in your home?

I am a diabetes dad.

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25 replies on “A Diabetes Bag by Any Other Name………What Do You Call Yours?”

When Emma was little it was her ‘prickle bag’ she now has a snazzy, expensive bag and I can’t remember what she calls it!

Ours is Kit too! Funny I always think of the Knight Rider car with it being that. After all Kit the car looked after Michael. My daughters Kit is there for her.

As my son was 2 at DX, he has always called his bag “The Pokes”. We still use that name today 11 years later. Our fundraising slogan has been NO MORE POKES!

We just call it “your bag”. My son decided when he got a little older, dx at 3, that he wanted a smaller bag to take to school and friends houses, so he picked out a black “fanny pack”. He lengthens the strap and throws it around he shoulder and chest. He is now 18 and still carries it, and hopefully always will! We had a much bigger ‘box” that we take on trips. He also has a “box” that stays at his girlfriends house since she lives in a different town. Thanks again for your blog!

This might be a repost since i am on my phone – my boys age 3 and 6 just call it the man bag. It is technically a purse, but since i am not a girl they didn’t like that one. (ironically they are ok with me being a stay at home dad and taking care of babies- we are foster parents so we always have babies)

When i first got it i would call it the murse (like Joey on friends)

Right from dx (almost a year ago) we started calling it “your pancreas.” I guess it started because I always wanted her to remember to take it everywhere and you do need your pancreas at all times. You wouldn’t forget a body part (essential to survival) right?!

We call it “clicks”… My son was diagnosed at 2 years old and finger pricks – or the pricker- sounded to harsh – the pen made a “click” sound – so it just stuck!

Well from the day she was diagnosed at 3 we knew this bag would be going everywhere so I explained to her it was like a new friend as she has to bring it everywhere an we should give it a nice name as all of our friends have names so she decided Sally was the best name for it so her bag is now known as Sally, even all the kids in her class call it Sally

When we pack the whole kit and caboodle for a real outing, we call it “the diabetes bag”. For a shorter outing, I just grab the omnipod PDM case, I don’t think we have a name for that, maybe just the diabetes stuff?

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