The Conference Made For College Age and Young Adults—–SHOULD NOT BE MISSED!!!!!!

SWD   Click this picture to see highlights about a conference that any and every young adult SHOULD NOT MISS.  Students With Diabetes ( is dedicated to creating a community and connection point for young adults with diabetes ages 18-30 on both college campuses and in local communities across the country.  The national network includes education, programs and opportunities for young adults living with diabetes to facilitate their transition into this life stage and help foster personal, social and professional development to ensure a successful life with diabetes.  Students With Diabetes was created as part of the Bringing Science Home project of USF Health, directed by Nicole Johnson, and supported by a generous gift from The Patterson Foundation. (Supplied from their website).

Every year SWD holds their annual conference. The 2014 Students With Diabetes National Conference will be held in Tampa, Florida from Friday, June 6 through Sunday June 8, 2014.  They have created an amazing schedule highlighting the latest in technology, research, great speakers who will help us learn new ways to manage our diabetes and many opportunities to connect with other young adults living with T1D and have lots of fun.

Just  $95.00 pays for the conference, the hotel, most of your meals, and I hear through the grapevine that actor Jim Turner is giving his one man show (an incredible event that will make you howl, gasp, and realize YOU ARE NOT ALONE—Jim has T1 and he calls it EXACTLY how it is).  Jim Turner’s one man show is a must-see for anyone living with diabetes.

If this is YOU:
* Young adults living with diabetes between the ages of 18 and 30(ish)
* Type-3′s or the significant others, friends or family members (ages 18-30(ish)) of a person living with diabetes
* Young adults living with diabetes that want to network with other T1D’
* Young adults living with diabetes that want to learn about the latest diabetes research and technology
* Young adults living with diabetes that want to new and unique ways to manage their diabetes
*  Young adults living with diabetes that want to have fun in a safe environment

This is a MUST weekend.  Click here for details——DO NOT MISS THIS INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY.

And please share this link with anyone and any sites that have T1 young adults from 18-30(ish) that you know.

I am a diabetes dad.

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