Next Time Your Child ‘Gets it Wrong’……..Remember this!!!!!!

yelling at your kidHave you ever just stood back and watched your child?  I do not mean while managing t heir diabetes or sleeping, but rather, being involved in an activity that takes their full focus.  Have you ever really watched them…….’participate’?

I hear so much about the modern-day tools for management, and the hope for a cure, and the many, many activities for fund-raising and advocacy; diabetes this and diabetes that……..but I invite you to stand back in the very near future and just watch your kids, be kids.

Now that may sound like a silly thing to say and of course we all know this……right?  Do we really?   There is something to be said for taking the time to just realize the resilience we wish we had, the focus one can envy, and the energy we all think we once possessed………and our kids do it all with diabetes.

Know this, and understand this, WE DO NOT HAVE IT.  We truly, have no idea what it is like to live life in their ‘first-person’.  Yes, as parents we observe a lot and react to much but remember that for 24/7 they have this and yet, they do what they do.  Just think about it…….I find it amazing?

Now add to that; they play hockey, baseball, play outside, sing on stage, play the school band, excel in studies, participate in activities, are a part of scouts, participate in their church group, advocate, fund raise, educate, learn, and on and on and on and on.

Remember this the next time they may ‘do something wrong’ in their day-to-day management.  It’s easy to yell, or be stern, at them all the times they ‘get it wrong’, but here’s the thing——this is not, ‘clean up your room’.  I get that we ‘are doing this’ for their benefit.  But never forget that this is a life changing disease for them that, every now and again, they deserve a break from—–well, at least our chastising……..don’t you think?

Think about it.

I am a diabetes dad.

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2 replies on “Next Time Your Child ‘Gets it Wrong’……..Remember this!!!!!!”

I enjoyed your article very much. I understand the struggle with this. Mostly I am so excited to hear another person advocate for kids to be kids. It breaks my heart to see so many adults control out of fear.
Good advice. Thank you.

The fear is real….it is the Lion in the room…….BUT it can be and must be controlled….we cannot do anything about it being here but we can decide how to handle it once it is……the answer, put simply, is education. Thanks.

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