A TV Show About YOUR Family……..What Would It Be??

TV landOkay; congratulations on your new job.  You have been promoted to the role of Executive In-charge of Programming for a major network television and your first job is to pick up the option on your new show.

Double congratulations; the newest show is about your family.  You have offered your family millions of dollars and negotiated a deal and a contract is in place.  It’s now time to place the story of your family on the program schedule and start promoting it.  Here is the question of the day……… the show a sitcom, a drama, a reality show, a game show, a comedy, a dramedy, or a news show?   Or something else?  What?

What fits your family?  Now here is the deal, this is the programming department and you can only fit into one category so you cannot say it is part one and part another.  One choice, what will it be?  And why?

What would a TV show about your life and the life of your family be?  Kindly hit the reply on this site and share here so all can read.  You do not have to say your name, but also add what you would name the show?

Why should the Kardashians get all the money?????………………..welcome to TV Land.

I am a diabetes dad.

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One reply on “A TV Show About YOUR Family……..What Would It Be??”

A tv show featuring a family with at least 2 children. 1 with T1D. The camera always portraying REAL LIFE….showing the kids waking up (pan to T1D taking number other siblings just doing their thing) show kids sleeping (pan to T1D parents checking or cgm monitoring or actually being awakened to treat a low) showing the kids coming down for breakfast (pan to scale, insulin, pump, needles as well as other siblings pouring a bowl of cereal and eating right away) show kids getting ready for school (pan to T1D sibling packing up supplies, putting on equipment, grabbing tabs) and show other siblings already in the car,.. go to school with the kids show a day in the life, the fun, the learning the visits to nurse, and lunchtime, one sibling runs to cafeteria other goes to nurse for check and insulin, show the after school sports, show all things for all siblings…show real life. Realities, the GOOD, the sucesses, the struggles, the challenges for all, not just T1 child.. Show life with T1D and without T1D. Side by side. I would simply call it One Family. A TV show about a family living well and with the challenges of Type 1 Diabetes.

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