Time Flies. Machines Don’t. Diabetes….and Time Out the Window…Be Careful!

Time fliesI really do not know how to explain it.  I really don’t.  I mean I knew it was coming.  At some point or another I knew it would be here.  It was discussed.  It was mentioned.  Yet when all was said and done, it was when I heard two people speaking that I realized, not only had I not moved my clock forward…….I forgot completely about it.


No, really.  With our huge event on Saturday, and stuff, stuff, and more stuff in the aftermath, partnered with all of our electronics (including my hotel alarm clock—what’s up with that?) automatically adjusting; I never even thought of it until an entire day later when I heard two people discussing it.

Not even a clue.

Now, of course as is my nature, I wanted to reflect those feeling to today’s article.  And actually, it’s an important lesson.  In this day of so much electronic-wardrobe, remember always that they are machines.  We rely on them beyond measure but always remember that they are machines.  Nothing more.

They are wonderful machines but I was reminded that machines will move forward as they are instructed.  They have no memory-to-surroundings;  they only do what they are told to do…..and if we forget they are there…….it could be a costly mistake.

So remember; those devices having to do with everything diabetes, are machines.  Use them.  Understand them.  Make your life easier with them.  But be very careful how much your rely on them because at some point, like time lost, it can all be thrown out the window before you even know what’s going on.

And while on the topic of time moving in directions—-make sure you update all of your devices—do not think it will happen automatically.  Also, make sure you keep an eye on blood sugars, I know in our house, time change did not have THAT much of an impact; but again it’s best to make sure.  Just keep an eye on it.  Here is a list of some devices and the ‘how-to’ on changing times in case you cannot find the manual:

Where would we be without machines…….well in my case, I was sleeping—-don’t you fall asleep as your time flies out the window.

I am a diabetes dad.

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