ReeganI JUST HUNG UP WITH LEGISLATIVE GRAHAM’S OFFICE IN NORTH CAROLINA.  The Health Committee of North Carolina voted 15-5 to accept the bill with a few changes.  The law now moves onward.

The law bearing Reegan’s Rule’s name states that physicians, physicians assistants, or certified nurse practitioners who provide Well-Child care will be encouraged to inform parents of Type 1 Diabetes warning signs as a part of their Well-Child checkups at Birth, Twelve months, and Twenty Four Months of age.

It is my understanding, that no law on diabetes education of a child exists anywhere presently in this such manner; and I ask anyone who knows of any; to kindly let me know.  This could be a landmark law to continue our efforts.

The law now moves on for further consideration but the belief is that it can clearly become law.  What’s different?  It became very difficult  to enforce a mandate on a medical practice to do anything as the law originally stated; that said–to have a law encouraging the education of type 1 diabetes carries much weight to move forward.  And if that is what we have to work with, we will take it.  In North Carolina, there is no such law like this exists… we have a jumping point.  We will seek out the rest of the country.  The alternative was that the bill would have been ‘killed’ in committee and THAT was not an option.

The difficulty of ANY BILL becoming law is huge and any law passing in any shape or form that moves the objective forward is a HUGE WIN…..THIS bill will accomplish that.

It was clearly and duly noted from the Representative’s office regarding the numerous emails that you all sent….well……it helped in ways that you have no idea.  SO there is more work to do but a giant step forward happened today…….and YOU MADE it happen.

I understand that Reegan’s mom (and Darice’s dad; Reegan’s Grandfather) were incredible in what they shared.  A win is a win is a win—-we’ll take it.

Congratulations DOC!  Onward—-we are JUST beginning.

I am a diabetes dad.

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This is wonderful news BUT I don’t know that the doctors even know their self, or some of them don’t. When my son became sick we took him to the doctor and was told he had a stomach flu and was sent back home. By the next day he was so weak he couldn’t even stand on his own, and we took him to the ER and there was told he was type 1 diabetic and we was transported to a children’s hospital about 45 minutes away. There we were told that he was very close to being in a comma. He spent 4 days in ICU. My point is doctors, nurses, and other health care providers need more education. While my son was in the hospital I spoke to one of the nurses about my fear of taking my son home after only a few days of education. I said, ” you all went to school to know how to do all this” Her reply to me was, ” Do you know how much education I got on diabetes care? Two weeks is all we spent on it.” That concerns me greatly.

Donna—YOU COULD NOT BE MORE CORRECT….however—if they are inclined to teach other about diabetes as part of this law—they would have to know it themselves…..there was method to our efforts beyond ‘just the law’. We will surely find out.

This is true, thanks so much for all that you do and others. I wasn’t trying to down play the law or that it was making progress. I just know my own frustrations with my two that are diabetic. There is times that I sit in the ER and have to educate the doctor that is there suppose to be taking care of my son or daughter about diabetes. They are asking me questions. In ways it makes you feel good that you can tell someone they don’t know but then it is fearful at the same time. He is a doctor and taking care of your child, if he doesn’t know about diabetes what else does he know know or understand.

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