Nine Shot Dead in a SC Church…….We TRULY Need to Change!!!!!

South Carolina shootingMy heart is heavy today.  A lunatic walked into a church and shot a whole group of people, praying in South Carolina.   It’s sickening.  Nine are dead.

Police are calling it a hate crime.  They are better than I because I do not have word for this; hate almost seems like we are letting him off easy.  As if there is a word for this lunacy.  As if a word can explain the tragedy of a man who attended a prayer service for an hour before he opened up and fired.

So sad.

Now media will step in, and many people who do not belong in this grieving/healing process will make their way to the site of this horror story for nothing more but to garner headlines; they should stay away also.

This is story of people.  God-fearing people who felt the need to pray on a Wednesday mid-week prayer session.  Many of us know exactly what that is, as we have done the same.  Chances are very high that many friends contacted them during the week and said, “At your prayer meeting this week, would you hold up my mom in prayer…..and also remember……..”.  Because prayer warriors really think of others and rarely think of themselves.  They remember others.   They pray for others.

In many instances, what starts out as a prayer request ends up in a group of people from a church or a community stepping up and helping the ones they are praying for and about.  Prayer warriors are like that as well.

There is a manhunt now.  The gunman is on the run.   They will capture him.  Or he will kill himself.  And we will read all about him in the media.  Probably front page.  Even as far as hearing from a fellow student from his seventh grade class on whether he tormented animals or not.  Media will dig up whatever they can to ‘one up’ their competition about this man…… if we really care about this man.   I think it’s important for those ‘in the know’ to understand the profile of this man but that said, he does not belong to be made a rock star in the media.  Plastering his picture all over will disgust me actually.  But it will be done.

It appears the Pastor of the church was murdered also.  He was 41 and a married man father of two, who was not only the Pastor; he was an elected official for the State as well.  You would have to imagine that he put himself in harm’s way for his flock, you would think he was that type of man…..wouldn’t you?

I would love to know more about the kind souls in the church.  I have to hope that our Lord met them at the door and took them straight to where they will feel pain no more.  They deserved that.  They were not perfect, I’m sure.  But on a Wednesday night in a church outside of Charleston South Carolina they were praying for others when their lives were taken.

We need to change as a society.  Its more than guns, or about the color of one’s skin, or about the easy things to point to and say ‘this is the reason’.  A month from now this story will die down until the next story comes about.  What are we learning in all of these instances……anything?

A group of people, on Wednesday night, in a church in South Carolina were probably praying for some of those answers.  We need to now pray for them and their families and we owe that to them…….while we are at it, we need to prayer for ourselves too.

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Evil abounds. So sad. We can treat people with mental illness but evil can only be treated with God. Too many have either gone Fundamentalist (which it could be argued is evil inside out) or just dont believe in God (which is also influenced by evil lead doubt). There has been too much media coverage of cults, Fundamentalist hate, and fake churches created for tax write-offs. Sometimes I wonder why God hasn’t inspired a publicist to show the Good side of faith.

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