Your Call on How You Live…….But Know Your Children are Watching……What Will You Decide?????

half-empty-half-fullIt’s surely not a new statement to ask if you see the glass half full or half empty, is it?  The notion is that your answer will describe your outlook on life as an optimist or a pessimist.   In each thing I do, I find myself asking the question on whether or not something is half full or half empty.

When I see an insulin pen, does it remind me that my two children are tethered to the use until there is a cure, or do I look at it as how wonderful it is that there is this life saving ‘insulin’ because just 95 years ago, it did not exist?   When I see my daughter wanting to be a nurse and possibly entering the diabetes world in a healthcare capacity, am I happy or am I to think that if she did not have diabetes her world would have expanded exponentially in different directions?

The truth is, I have always looked at it that we cannot do anything about what comes into our lives; but we can do something about it once it arrives.  I have always tried to instill in my kids to grab life for everything you can; because at some point it will all be over.  I would much rather they, and myself also for that matter, choose to enjoy life to its fullest potential.

Each day can open itself up with incredible possibilities, BUT you have to be willing to look, find, and capture the moment; Carpe Diem as they say—-seize the moment.  Of course I do not like the fact that my children have diabetes, in fact I HATE it; but when I watch them excel in this world and grab it for……well……everything, that excites me to no end.

Our children will follow our lead.  Our ‘nature’ will surely become their “nature” on how the live their lives.  I find it so interesting to read how some complain that children are always down, in a funk, and do not take proper care of ‘their diabetes’—–and I also remember reading how the same person did nothing but share what hell-on-earth-turmoil their lives are since diabetes happened……why would their kids feel differently?

My point: our kids will absolutely feed on what we give them.  I’m not saying to live life aloof and not be realistic; but the truth is…….it could be worse.  They could be dead  (how’s that for a dose of reality?).   And when I see the parents of children who were lost, for whatever the reason; and they are doing all they can to cope with life and to try to live it somehow, me complaining about anything in my life falls short…..way short….so I don’t do it.

Bad days?  Surely, and THAT is not what I’m talking about.  We each have a choice, every day, every minute.  What you choose or how you choose to live your life is all your call……..but remember this…….your children are watching.  Do you want them to live their life as you live yours?  Well trust me when I tell you that they will do as you do when it comes to formulating an attitude about living; they will follow your lead.

Just ask yourself, is that what you want for your child?  Life here on earth comes around once……what are you going to do with it?

I am a diabetes dad.

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