A Hell of a Captain, on a Hell of A Ship—-A Lesson for All of Us—-Even When Not at Sea!!!!

Double D and DanI love it when people are REALLY GOOD at something.  I like to watch and see how they do what they do.  I love to ask questions and find out how they became so good at what they do.  Over the years I have met some really cool people who are the best at what they do.  The phrase ‘natural talent’ surely makes up some of it, but it’s working at what you do until you fully understand every aspect of it, and THAT is what makes you the best.

My brother Stephen has, for the last two years in what we all hope will be an annual event, treated my older brother and I (along with our sons) a day-long fishing trip off of Montauk Point, Long Island.  My first love for fishing came when my childhood buddy Jimmy would take me with him when his dad and he went out.  Mr. R was completely at east and at home behind the wheel of his boat; and his very nature also defined a Captain.  Fondest of memories from my childhood for sure.

There are plenty of boats out in Montauk……PLENTY!   But my brother only uses one Captain on one Boat; and that is Captain Dan of the Double D Charter.  Stephen is out there a few times a year and has been for years.  Stephen, in his career, was also one of those people who were the best at what they did and his personality is such that demands the best.  When he finds something that works, he sticks with it.  Captain Dan and the Double D Charter is such a boat.  Last year’s trip, I enjoyed.  This year I wanted to not only enjoy but know more on why this Captain was so good.  I learned that last year was no fluke (pun intended), there is a reason my brother returns each time.

Captain Dan is by no means the biggest boat on the water and in fact 5-6 passengers is the maximum.  From the moment he heads into open waters and flips on his various machines of travel, sonar, fish-finders etc. etc., he is not just watching them, he is studying them.  On the screens, one color means one thing, another color means another.  But he knows what they all mean.  And while many boat Captains are busy chatting to each other over the radios, Captain Dan is watching, and searching.

“Drop the lines” he demands and his first Mate, Chris is quick to the task.  He is over a spot and he points out to me on the screen that there are few there.  To me everything looks like antique ‘blips’ on an out-dated Nintendo Game, but THIS captain knows exactly what they mean.  He moves his boat at various speeds of slow-slower-speedup-slow and I’m thinking what he is doing cannot be good for the gears of the boat; but it was great for us.

“FISH ON” came the yell from the mate……and we were off to a GREAT DAY.  I’m not posting pictures of our fish because not everyone enjoys that kind of stuff and I understand.  But you can click this link and look at Captain Dan’s Double D Charter FB Page if you want to see some cool pictures and video of people fishing in Montauk.

“I’m actually the one fishing”, Captain Dan shares with me, “You guys pull them up for me, but I’m the one fishing”, as he continues observing his equipment and surveying the water looking for birds, ripples, and anything else that will hint for a good place to go. This attitude explains the absolute meticulous manner of the Merchant Marine Academy graduate and how seriously he takes everything to make sure his passengers have every opportunity to land dinner……..lots of dinners.  Why shop for dinner when you can catch your own….and boy did we.

I’m sure he has days that are not so good.  But his bad days are others’ dismal days and when others are having a good day, Captain Dan has GREAT Days.  Now why is DiabetesDad writing about a Fishing Captain? Simply put, let me ask you how much do you study the people who deal with your child.   How much do you work at what you do with your child.  Know who the ‘lucky ones are’?  Find out why, what they do, and how they got there.  You will learn much.

I have always stated, the harder one works, the luckier they are.  People say many times, “Oh, so-and-so is so lucky”.  As much as some luck enters the picture, no truly successful person relied on luck.  They worked at it, and they worked hard.

Whether it’s taking care of diabetes, or the Captain of a Fishing Boat in Montauk, Long Island….the best wins out.  And for the record; we caught the maximum number in Stripe Bass, and a ton of ‘keepers’ on Fluke and Black Sea Bass.  Great to fish with the best there is……….remember that……..and if ever in Montauk, look up Captain Dan and the Double D Charter…….tell him DiabetesDad sent you.

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