Do You Have a Diabetes Educator???…Here’s Where They Learn What They Teach You!!!

AADE Actual Mississippi river with programMy friend Jerry is a Certified Diabetes Educator and a powerhouse in the Pharmacists’ world.  He is a lecturer, an author, and an expert on the subject of diabetes, disease-state management and clinician/patient behavior in the health care setting.  I see Jerry at almost every conference I attend.  On one occasion he turned to me and said, “…..look around you, there are about….what….250 of us who attend many of these conferences together every time……..imagine what we do?”  Now, of course there are usually thousands of people who attend conferences; but Jerry was referring to a smaller group of people who run the gamut of ‘professional-cross-over’ in almost every aspect of the diabetes world



The world of diabetes conferences is such an incredible phenomena to me and it is one of the most engaging arenas to learn beyond what I could ever know.  Technology, advances in science and research, devices for management both presently and coming down the pipeline, and an enormous amount of educational opportunities all converging at one place at one specific time.

I’m here this week at the American Association of Diabetes Educators’ 15th Annual Conference.  And as much as I attend many of these-type conferences throughout the year, few mean as much to me as a parent than this one.  And that might be of interest to you.

You see, so many people discuss the world of the diabetes educator.  As parents, we all had an educator as part of the practice where we bring our children, or should have  one.  Once a year diabetes educators travel from around the country to this annual event to learn what is new across the board.  New products and technologies and huge lineup of impressive presenters.  If diabetes educators in attendance will be learning what is new this week, or what is the latest trends impacting the world of diabetes, I will do the same.

Simply said, the AADE does it right…………………REALLY right.  And although you may not be here physically, I can share with you 1000% that you are surely here in spirit.  Because no matter where I go, or to whom I speak, every diabetes educator has the same exact answer without fail EVERY time.  “I need to know more to help the people in my practice.”  And that, is you, and your children.

I have seen diabetes educator with stern faces as they share the challenges they must overcome; I have seen those same faces with very inquisitive expressions asking about a new product, and I have also seen the very same faces with eyes that fill with tears as they talk about children and people whose lives need to change and how they long to make a difference.

So as I look out at the Mississippi river flowing outside my hotel room window in New Orleans, I realize how much education will be flowing this week as well and as the clock reaches 7 am, it’s time to get going.  That leaves me to start my week of learning and networking with the heart and soul of any diabetes practice; and that my dear fiends is our diabetes educators.  More to surely follow.

I am a diabetes dad.
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