If YOU had Just ONE Choice…….What Would it be????

Choose oneI have always been fascinated with the new technology that has come along since Kaitlyn was diagnosed in 1992.  When she was first diagnosed, we heard all about this ‘new thing’ coming that was right on the door step for everyday commercial use.  It would dispense insulin in small doses and using an actual needle would only be needed if this device broke.  It was called an insulin pump.

There was nothing like it.

I remember when the insulin pump was the size of an astronaut’s backpack…never did we actually believe it would become a device used in everyday management.  Some used phraseology like ‘the closest thing to a natural delivery system’ of insulin…closest thing to a cure…..nothing will ever be like it ever again.

But is that the case?

I do not have diabetes.  And I surely cannot speak for anyone who does.  But I found myself asking a question recently that if you asked me 7 years ago, probably would have had a different answer.  So here is the question.

Let’s say you only have a choice of one piece of machinery.  Insurance only covers one, you can only afford one, your child WILL NOT wear two and will ONLY wear one; whatever the reason…..which one do you choose…….an insulin pump, or a CGM?

Now you probably can only answer this question if you have ever actually used both.  But we have.  And if I had to choose one over the other……my child is wearing a CGM and we are utilizing shot therapy.  To know, virtually, at almost every/any given minute your blood sugar number and more importantly, how you are trending?????? must be an incredible feeling.

Of course using both is probably ideal.  But I do not have two pieces of machinery on me; or a piece of machinery and a transmitter, so I cannot answer how any of this feels but what I do know is that insulin is the correction of a problem whereas the CGM is sort of the lighthouse in the harbor warning what is coming.

But what do I know?  So I ask you?  You have a choice……only one…..CGM? Insulin Pump?……which one and why?

I am a diabetes dad.
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4 replies on “If YOU had Just ONE Choice…….What Would it be????”

If I would choose between a pump or a CGM for my son, I would definitely choose a CGM for him. Why? because like every D parents, I wanted to know what his blood sugar readings every single minute, and if there is problem coming atleast we have some ideas and make corrections. Although, testing more often is irreplaceable.

Cgm. We are lucky and have both, but have just got the cgm and being able to see what Erin’s blood sugars are doing is a huge and amazing thing! I just asked my husband the same question and he said pump. I asked why and he couldn’t tell me and then changed his mind when he heard my reasoning for cgm. I do almost all of the care for Erin and this might be why he finds it a difficult question.

Whilst for my own peace of mind I would choose CGM however it’s the pump that has brought about the biggest improvement with regards to quality of life. I know my son would choose pump over CGM every single time. There is something horrendous about watching your child being a pin cushion also on mdi and cgm we’d be unlikely to use the data to correct so often so therefore other than alarms it would have little use in our house. Much of it would be dependent on the childs attitude to injections.

I’m not a diabetic but I am the parnet of a type 1 diabetic.Here are some things that have worked for us. The most important thing you can do is to take extra blood sugar tests for about one week. Test before and 1 to 2 hours after every meal. This gives you the best basis for adjusting your insulin regimine for better overall results.So if your blood sugars are consistently high before meals (or even just one particular meal), that indicates that you need to increase your basal rate. Don’t make dramatic increases, just increase a little at a time.If your after meal tests are too high, that means your insulin to carb ratio is too low. (Some pumps allow you to program your ratio in, or you can calculate it in your head.)Those are the most common scenarios if you are experiencing high A1C readings. However, you may find instead that you are dropping low either before or after meals and then you are having to compensate by eating sugars to bring your blood sugar back up. It is common in such cases to over compensate and send yourself too high. So if you are finding that at certain times of the day you are dropping low, then adjust either your basal or your insulin to carb ration down. By avoiding the lows, hopefully you will avoid going too high afterward.Hopefully that helps. I would also agree with the other answer that you should pursue finding a better doctor.

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