Do You Make it Count…..Even with Diabetes?

Make it countI’m glad that no one ever stated to us that they did not know we had three children and thought we just had the two with T1D.  It’s always been a fear of mine.  To be honest, it lends itself to a question one must constantly ask…… it that I/we are giving too much attention to our child(ren) with T1D?

What constitutes too much attention?  Honestly, only you can answer that but if you constantly ask yourself that question, it will allow you to take pause and reflect on the others in your family without T1D.

It can be very consuming this diabetes stuff, can’t it?  It’s a very difficult balance but it’s a balance we must work very hard to achieve.  Not only should it be with others but with your child WITH T1D, it should not be the only thing you focus on in their lives.

If children one and two (WITHOUT T1D) come in the door and you are asking them about their day but when child three (WITH T1D) walks in the door and the first thing you say is, “what is/was your number?”……..well it may be time to re-evaluate taking some of that focus off diabetes.

There is so much that surrounds your ‘diabetes-day’, I know.  So much impacts the next number, the next dose of insulin, the next meal but yet, if the focus is all about diabetes then the focus will all be about diabetes.  And it shouldn’t be.

There is a big world out there that needs to be experience and diabetes, although it tries constantly, should be pushed to the side (but keep an eye on it) so that those wonderful things life has to offer can be experienced…….and experienced fully.

How do I know?

Because so many people out there who have diabetes are NOT the one-in-a-million who become professional sports players, or Miss America, or a race car winner (although bless those who have and have shared their story); they are regular-every-day-people who are living life to the fullest.  They are going to work, school, having fun, visiting friends, traveling, participating in things they love AND THEY ARE DOING IT ALL WITH DIABETES.

Down days?  You bet.  People with diabetes have them and so do we as parents, it would be a lie to say otherwise.  But here’s the thing to remember; THE WORLD goes through the same thing.  We all also have the choice to enjoy the moments we do and to let THOSE times make up for the bad times.  No different in households that do not have diabetes in it, but rest assured no one is off the hook.  EVERYONE has…..well life.

So diabetes is in your life……just don’t let it BE YOUR life or your child’s life.  And THAT IS YOUR CHOICE.  Remember the note Jack passes to Rose in the smash-hit movie Titanic…….“Make it count… me at the clock.”

Make it count……life is waiting for you………….and will meet you at the clock.

I am a diabetes dad.
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