You Can’t Take it With You…….So Don’t!!!!! You May Kill Someone Otherwise.

You can't take it with youI had the pleasure to hear Dr. Jay Skyler tonight.  Dr. Skyler is not just a superstar in the diabetes world, he is a superstar of superstars.  He is a Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics and Psychology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and Deputy Director for Clinical Research and Academic Programs at the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI).

He also is an Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics at the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes, University of Colorado at Denver.  Dr. Skyler’s career in diabetes spans over four decades, where his research interests have concentrated in clinical aspects of diabetes, particularly improving the care of Type 1 diabetes through meticulous glycemic control, psychosocial and behavioral support, and immune intervention.

Being involved with eth DRI, I am also fortunate to call Dr. Skyler both a colleague and friend as well.  When it was time for Q&A tonight, the discussion centered around organ donation and the shortage there in; I made a promise to the room when Dr. Skyler threw me the challenge, that I would write about it in my next article.  And here it is.

According to the Center of Disease Control (CDC), almost 2,600,000 people died last year.  How many pancreas donors were utilized?  1200.

21 people die every day waiting for a transplant.  The question is not if you are a donor, the questions is, if you are not why aren’t you?

Every major religion allows you do donate your organs.  Yes you can have an open casket if you donate your organs.  One donation can save eight lives and impact 50 others.

Think about it this way……..
98% of Americans say they have heard of organ support donation, but only 30% know the essential steps to take to be a donor.


If there are about 30 million people with diabetes, and if each person had 4 loved ones—that is 150 million lives.  150 million lives… many are organ donors?  No where NEAR that amount.  How many of you are?  How you can you have a loved one with any disease whatsoever and not be an organ donor?   That is not a challenge, it is a question I seek.

Click here and sign up today.

So if you are not an organ donor, become one.   WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?????? As they say, and truly meant, you can’t take it with you.

I am a diabetes dad.

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