Can I Share Some REALLY GREAT Personal News Today?

Kaitlyn  JObI guess the picture on the left is how I always will have Kaitlyn pictured in my mind.   I’m a dad, we do that kind of thing.  Of course the picture on the right is who she really is, a vibrant, incredibly energetic, funny, silly, serious, and extremely bright woman.

I have written so many times on the advancement of our kids.  How everything they do, they do with an asterisk because they have done it all while managing their diabetes.  I have shared stories of kids with diabetes as sports players, professional athletes, gymnasts, dancers, educationalist, in the medical field–all amazing kids because they did it….and did it all with diabetes.

Today, we have some news of her own.  Those who have worked with my daughter at CWD or at the Barton Camp know her incredible desire to help kids with diabetes.  If you are a friend of hers you know her strong desire to be in the medical field.  It is with absolute honor (okay and a few tears of joy too) that I introduce to you the newest RN BSN of the Pediatric Endocrine/Adolescent Medicine Department of Strong Hospital in Rochester, New York.  She starts in early 2016.

I just wanted to share the great news with you.
Take THAT diabetes.
Congratulations baby.  Kknn.

I am a diabetes dad.

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