Death and Missed Dx….Are you Angry Enough To DO Something Today? Something REAL Easy.

T1D pixThere has been much happening in the arena of spreading awareness of the missed Diagnosis of type one diabetes; but it is not fast enough… it?  When I read of Tyson, my heart broke—-more needs to be done.  I will be presenting a fuller, more detailed, report next week on what has been happening.  But I have a resource for ANYONE WHO WANTS TO DO SOMETHING NOW—IMMEDIATELY.

IF YOU ARE ANGRY AT THIS, and many of you surely made it clear that you are—-are you mad enough to Just Don’t DO Nothing….are you mad enough to try to make a difference….NOW.

I have been fortunate to work with the National Association of School Nurses (NASN) recently and Donna, their Executive Director and Sarah, their Certified Diabetes Educator; have really embraced us working together to make a difference in this battle.  I was even given the opportunity to be a keynote speaker at their Annual National Conference to share the importance of what so many of us are trying to do.  The School Nurse attendees were overwhelmed at the information.

Recently NASN included in their weekly update, in the “Nurses Tool Box” section (sent out to 33,000 members) a letter.   A letter which nurses should send home with any child coming into their office with flu/virus like symptoms.  We can all help this effort by printing a few copies out and giving them to the school nurse in schools in your area.  (see the link below)

This letter will make a difference.

Present copies of this letter to your school nurse and ask them if they saw this National Association of School Nurse’s sanctioned letter to be sent home with any child with flu/virus like symptoms; and ask them to keep a few copies in their desk and to use them.  Again, make copies and hand them to any school in your area——this impact can be real and it can be immediate!!!!!!  Here is a copy of the letter:
NASN Document School Nurse Letter

If we all did this in the upcoming week, we would immediately reach hundreds of thousands of kids.  Imagine saving just one family the heartache of what so many know all too well.  Imagine saving one life.  How mad are you?  Are you mad enough?  What will you do?

I am a diabetes dad.

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