Here’s a Secret About Our Kids………….A Secret You Probably WELL KNOW Already.

You-Are-the-Greatest-BalloonIt has been an incredible week.  So much has happened and I’m truly blessed with just… much good.  I guess the biggest news is that Kaitlyn graduated from University from Rochester’s Intensified Nursing Program…….Cum Laude no less.

She had received her undergraduate degree from Stony Brook and worked for two years and also was an EMT—-much of this has been written about before.  She does a lot.  Kaitlyn has never given 99% to ANYthing she has ever done——it’s 110% or…….none.  She is the new RN BSN in the Department of Pediatric Endocrinology and Adolescent Medicine at Strong Hospital in Rochester…..THIS was a good week.

I have stated it a million times, our kids do everything in life with an asterisk.  They achieve everything in life with an asterisk.  And only we, as parents, know exactly what that asterisk represents.  Sometimes I think our kids with diabetes do not even know what that asterisk is because they just ‘get on with their lives’ whereas we, as parents, watch from a mile up.  We see everything.  We know EXACTLY what they go through.  We know exactly the road they take.  We know the struggles.  We know the perseverance.  We know the tears.  We know the frustrations.

SO when something really good happens, we get THAT MUCH MORE excited than most parents….because we know.  Deep down inside, we know that others who do not have the challenges of living with an insidious disease do not achieve success in the same way our kids do.  When our kids succeed it is exponentially that much more powerful…… us.

We could never share that with those who do not understand because……well….they would not understand.  It’s ‘just’ diabetes…….right?  But we know.  I do not have to explain to you all what I am feeling because you know it too.  A high mark on a test, a goal on the soccer field, graduating law school, or becoming a nurse who will now help others live as she lives…….with diabetes.  You understand that……don’t you?

So good news in our house.  And in a house that has diabetes in it, success is always just a little sweeter.  And that pun is deeply intended…….because we know……don’t we?

I am a diabetes dad.

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