My (Child’s) Diabetes…..Why would it EVER be Your Call???

my-callWant to be involved in a really great debate…..pick a presidential candidate and tell everyone on social media why you are voting for this person…..and let the fun begin.

I promise you that no matte how much sense you my be making to yourself, you will be handed an earful from others.

Decisions in diabetes……..mmmmmmm…..not too, too different.

I’m not exactly sure why both of these topics can roll into such heated debates, but they can….and they do.  I mean it is, after all, a decision that each of us makes.  We do our homework,  We read.  We become educated.  We make a decision.  But as soon as it is shared with others, we are made to feel like we know nothing, or little, at all.

What I do know without certainty, I know extremely smart and intelligent people, brilliant in some cases, and members of this elite group much smarter than I, are leaving some to vote for Ms. Clinton and some to vote for Mr. Trump.

In the same way, I know brilliant people who have different philosophies on the diabetes management and care for themselves or their child.

So who is right?

Here is the thing, it’s YOUR call on what you want to do, and what you choose to share with anyone else.  Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.  If you have done your homework, know what you know, and are comfortable with the choice…….make it.  Where the problem starts is listening to people without doing your homework for yourself.  DO not rely on ‘hear-say’ rely on what you know to be true.

This world is extremely opinionated and the comfort of being behind a keyboard anonymously is a sense of power.  People do not REALLY know you or your child, how could they.  And yet, we become so influenced when our opinions differ.  Why?

In the fact-seeking aspects of life, it does make sense to get opinions but at the end of the day the decisions made are yours and yours alone.   We need to respect the reasons people believe what they believe, we need to do our own homework, and we need to make our own choices……why would we ever let someone else?  And why would we let anyone else influence us differently than what we know to be true?

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