For One Brief Moment

christmas-dayFor one brief moment may you find the peace and solace you need to enjoy those around you.
For one brief moment, although you will never forget pain, be allowed to focus on what you DO have around you that brings you joy.
For one brief moment, may diabetes behave, to allow you to see the wonderful people who have come into your life and have helped you on this journey.
For one brief moment, may you hold your family close, knowing how brutal this life around us can be.
For one brief moment may you find the peace necessary to enjoy the holidays and understand what that baby born in a manger represents.
For one brief moment, should you not believe as I do, may your faith surround you with the hope needed to enjoy your holidays.
tomorrow will come.  The next ‘thing’ in our life will become present.  The sun will rise and with it may we realize that our similarities far outweigh our differences.
Happy Holidays to all and thank you for being……
Much love always.
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