Why Go It Alone……Ask!

Boat manIn addition to asking for help on social media when you come across a ‘hiccup’ in your diabetes journey, make sure you also ask for good and reputable websites to help you address a problem, or for that matter; any problem.

Little, if anything, has yet to be seen in this crazy world of diabetes and (no matter how small, or how large, you think your challenge is) chances are someone can say ‘been there, done that.”

Gaining an insight of personal experience is always a help, but also make sure you always ask if there is a website from a reputable source to help ‘walk you through’ any situation. Many, and I mean, MANY pages of useful information are within our social media highway and I have found that you can find pretty reliable information……..merely by searching.

Quite honestly, I lost count on how many times we went to the library the years following Kaitlyn’s diagnosis in 1992.  Countless days and hours spent looking up this or looking up that…….and now all of it is at our fingertips.  But always remember that because it’s easily accessible does not mean it’s necessarily, all, correct.  Check your facts and do not take someone’s opinion/experience as gospel.

Remember that this disease is as different from one day to the next as it is from one person to the next.  That said, the information is limitless to those who look for it.  So do not only speak to others on the various outreach; check what you hear.  But also know that information, moral support, and experience awaits you by only asking and verifying.

All of this can equal a more informative diabetes world for you, for your child.  Education is always the equalizer to this disease.  And it’s a disease that can be managed……and managed well…….look it up.
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One reply on “Why Go It Alone……Ask!”

Well, we know my brother in law’s magic potion to cure diabetes is 100% legit. I mean provided you do not have diabetes his mixed kale cocktail made with beer, kale, and carrot juice cured me.

It cured me of never talking to him again. That is for sure.

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