Animas Insulin Pumps Going Out of Business

Animas 1I received the announcement listed below earlier today.
It is very straightforward.
It gives information what to do next.
Yes, it really sucks.

From Bridget Kimmel at Animas
I wanted you to be among the first to hear about some important news that was issued early this morning announcing our intention to shut down the Animas Corporation. This decision was extremely difficult and comes following the extensive exploration of all other viable options for the Animas business. With changing needs of customers, rapidly evolving market dynamics, and increased competitive pressures, it proved too difficult to sustain the insulin pump and glucose management delivery business. Patient care is our top priority, and we will work with our preferred partner, Medtronic, or our patients’ manufacturer of choice, to facilitate a seamless insulin delivery system transition. Patients can find more information at We are incredibly grateful to our patients and health care partners for the trust, confidence and loyalty they have placed in Animas products over the last 21 years.

Take a breath, you will get through this…… step at a time.
For whatever it’s worth…..Medtronic is not the only game in down….Of late, many people are looking at Insulet’s Omipod.

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My kids’ pump, Accucheck from Roche also out of business as of this past summer. Hopefully this means GOOD things are coming, more improvements that will eventually make pumps obsolete… #WeNeedACure

It makes sense. They functionally left the market several months ago. This is the only real option that makes sense for the company at this point. Oh well.

I do not use their pump, but having them in the market drove innovation up and prices down, which is good for all users.

They have====looks like J&J gave up on many things in the diabetes world. Animas, is Lifescan even around, Children with Diabetes (THANK GOD Jeff Hitchcock and Laura Billetdeaux figured out away to keep THAT alive). Competition is always best for teh consumer…..

While I appreciate your sentiment, as a publicly traded company, that information isn’t available to the general public, before it happens. So “letting you know” isn’t hardly ever an option. J&J had been trying to sell the division for almost a year, so I guess that my have been the writing on the wall you were looking for? We are pump owners as well and chose Tandem 5 years ago and have never looked back. I chose it because it was the best fit for us. I will continue to choose it and have lots of friends in that boat as well. You make decisions based on the information that is at hand at the time. And at the end of the day, that is all you can do.

Having used Medtronic for years and then Animus Ping…not surprising that they are out. Poor service, clunker device, far too much room for user error due to redundant commands.
Did you know…the resovoir lubricant used in Animus supplies breaks insulin down?
Did you know…The dim back light that was barely visible “does that over time…regardless of battery charge” per Animus rep.?
Sending supplies that were not needed but billed was a common occurance.
Good riddance.
38 years with type 1 diabetes…can’t wait to get Medtronic back!

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