Gosh, They Know so Much More than Me….uhm….Maybe Not

My heavens I wish I knew what they knew.  Have you ever found yourself saying that to yourself when you’ve seen the conversations occurring on-line?  You know, that intimidation when someone says something and you know that you believe the direct opposite on what is being said but heaven forbid you should say anything because of the fear of having to be reprimanded.  By who?  Someone you’ve never met but are friend s only on FB?  How silly do they make you feel?

Well forget it.

I’ve always gone about caring for our child’s diabetes with a thought process that I know absolutely nothing about diabetes.  Now at first glance that may make one think that I would be swayed all around like a garbage bag in an alley on a windy day.  But actually the complete opposite occurred.   Because if I did not know something, and I heard something; well I would go and find out whether what I heard was correct……or not.  I took people’s opinions at only face value until I went and found out……for myself.

You do not need to be right on a FB page…… only need to be right in doing for your child and your child’s management with this disease.  What a waste of energy to read as parents ‘go at it’ on a FB thread.  To what end?  If I read someone’s thoughts that interest me, I find out on my own.  I research the answers.

Quite a few times in my life, my original thought on a diabetes matter was changed as I learned more.  And some times my thoughts changed drastically.  Being right in an online discussion…..means……what?  But finding out the truth, well if your child wins, what else matters and that’s the payoff.?

So the next time two, three, four, or more parents are in a heated discussion over how to do something…..listen and use the internet what it is really good for……research.  My friend Jeff has a great saying; ‘show me the data’.  If you find the data to be true, it’s a real good start.  Who cares about my opinion?  When it comes to my child’s diabetes management, I don’t even care about my opinion……..I care about what is truth and what works.  The answers are out there, find them,  Don’t be intimidated by those who are loud and pushy to just ‘be right’………care for your child the way you know best……your way.

And if no one knows it but your child; that’s ok too.

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I use to get into those FB discussions as well but now I stay far away from them…I totally agree with you, your child is top priority especially when it comes to diabetes. Have a great day 🙂

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