The Greatest Advancement Ever……….?????? Need Your Input.

TV vintageWhich is greater; the idea of listening to radio and advancing to seeing someone live on a box called a television; or the fact that TV can now be picked up on a device that sits in your hands?

You might want to explain to your kids what the picture is at the onset of today’s article (that in itself is a tad scary).

I am sure inventors from that the ‘golden years’ of invention never in their right minds thought we would be where we are today.  But are today’s newest devices greater now than the initial beginnings years ago.

Is it a better advancement that in the very near future you will be able to pay a few hundred thousand dollars to feel weightlessness in space or was it going to the moon, or even that first trip into outer space, that gets the Greatest Advancement Prize.

Now let’s bring all this conversation into our smaller world of diabetes.  Let’s not discuss what is, or could be, coming as in the artificial pancreas or the DRI BioHub; let’s discuss what is here in the now.

What do you think is the single most important advancement in the world of T1 diabetes outside of the discovery of insulin (including this would make the answer too easy). 

And let’s seek/hear two answers.  The first is the biggest advancement in the management of diabetes; the second is the biggest advancement in the world of research?

And more importantly tell us why?  Try to think larger than in your own life but in the world of diabetes; please share your answers here.

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