An Apology to the DOC

HyacinthI understand the anger toward me.  I have honestly addressed it as best I thought I could.  And I’ll say it again; if anyone took my excitement in my blog on what the DRI was about to announce, or to those who believed I was referring to a cure; I, with all my heart and soul apologize.

I stared at my computer screen tonight.  I watched tonight as people went ‘at each other’ both in the DRI/my defense and in their anger.  Please stop doing that as it accomplishes nothing.    I respect all of the passion of so many.  But no one is going to convince the other of anything.

Many things have been said about the DRI lately, even I have been called all sorts of things in the last two days, and have even been told that “I wish your two children with T1 die, maybe you would understand real pain.”

It truly needs to stop.

Dr. Ricordi will have a live webinar and he will address the questions people may have regarding the science. He will explain why we find it exciting. We at the DRI and so many others believe so much in this work and the questions surrounding all of it can be addressed with and by Dr. Ricordi. 

I’m not going to leave this fight against diabetes because the promise was to my kids and that’s bigger than anything else.   The same promise you gave your kids.   I’m not going to resign nor stop anything I’m doing as that accomplishes nothing either.  I have never said I work harder than anyone else and in fact those who have heard me speak have heard me say many, many, times: no one has made more mistake at this thing called diabetes than I.  My passion and every single thing I said in my blog I feel, felt, and still feel to be true.

It was not meant to mislead anyone; and at that I failed miserably; and for that I deserve the anger and can only ask again; that possibly in time; the action be forgiven.

This really negative and hostile online ‘stuff’ needs to; and must end.  The DOC is too crucial to each other to deal and help each other with diabetes and not over any distraction I could have played a role.  And the threatening calls and notes and things my family received and read; they do not deserve it either.

Not at each other……please…… more.

I am a diabetes dad.