An Apology to the DOC

HyacinthI understand the anger toward me.  I have honestly addressed it as best I thought I could.  And I’ll say it again; if anyone took my excitement in my blog on what the DRI was about to announce, or to those who believed I was referring to a cure; I, with all my heart and soul apologize.

I stared at my computer screen tonight.  I watched tonight as people went ‘at each other’ both in the DRI/my defense and in their anger.  Please stop doing that as it accomplishes nothing.    I respect all of the passion of so many.  But no one is going to convince the other of anything.

Many things have been said about the DRI lately, even I have been called all sorts of things in the last two days, and have even been told that “I wish your two children with T1 die, maybe you would understand real pain.”

It truly needs to stop.

Dr. Ricordi will have a live webinar and he will address the questions people may have regarding the science. He will explain why we find it exciting. We at the DRI and so many others believe so much in this work and the questions surrounding all of it can be addressed with and by Dr. Ricordi. 

I’m not going to leave this fight against diabetes because the promise was to my kids and that’s bigger than anything else.   The same promise you gave your kids.   I’m not going to resign nor stop anything I’m doing as that accomplishes nothing either.  I have never said I work harder than anyone else and in fact those who have heard me speak have heard me say many, many, times: no one has made more mistake at this thing called diabetes than I.  My passion and every single thing I said in my blog I feel, felt, and still feel to be true.

It was not meant to mislead anyone; and at that I failed miserably; and for that I deserve the anger and can only ask again; that possibly in time; the action be forgiven.

This really negative and hostile online ‘stuff’ needs to; and must end.  The DOC is too crucial to each other to deal and help each other with diabetes and not over any distraction I could have played a role.  And the threatening calls and notes and things my family received and read; they do not deserve it either.

Not at each other……please…… more.

I am a diabetes dad.

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Sending you and your family love and support. You will make it through this, just as you’ve made it through so many other trials and tribulations. My heart broke in pieces reading about what you and your family are going through, and I am sorry you are dealing with all of that. *HUGS*

An apology is not needed…all of us with T1 and those who love T1’s should be able to understand where your enthusiasm from this announcement comes from. I understand that this is not a cure we will get today, maybe it will never happen. But what happens to us if we give up on hope? I appreciate your excitement and faith in this amazing step toward that possibility we all dream of, and it shows your love and dedication not only toward your children, but your work. You are a diabetes dad, and I am grateful for you.

Wow. I had no idea. While you know I wish you’d chosen some of your words differently, it is unimaginable that someone would personally attack you or your family over this or anything. I thought after your apology yesterday and folks venting, as well as many of us bloggers voicing, that we’d all move on to learning about the BioHub. I’m very sorry you are personally going through this Tom.

I am so sorry that you and your family have had to deal with this 🙁 I never read your original post to mean there was a CURE to be announced. I am still quite confused as to how it could have been taken that way. Maybe I am just to negative and would not believe anything until I saw it on the news myself…who knows. Just know that I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Please continue doing all the great things you do. As a mom of a T1 I appreciate every bit of it!

Amen. As if we have nothing better to do with our time than to re-hash this over & over & over again. Now can we all get back to supporting each other & loving our kids? Let’s spend more time supporting each other and less time bashing, OK? I know I could use a little DOC loving right now.

I’m sorry that it has become so ugly. No matter what, NO ONE should ever send you messages of that nature – it’s just inexcusable. Hopes were raised, hopes were dashed, but that’s no reason to be so hateful to you. In the end, no matter what was anticipated, wished for, read into your message or not, we *all* want the same thing and should *all* be on the same side.

You do not have to apologize. I think so much of managing diabetes is about attitude. No need to apologize for being hopeful and the chance to make it better. Keep on keepin on 😉

Big hugs Tom… sorry that anyone is wishing death of your children over this… just senseless..
you were excited… you shared your excitement.. others read into it and got their hopes up for some huge announcement that would end all our diabetes madness. No one can blame you. They are mad at diabetes and the unfairness of it all.. Big hugs my friend!

We know where your heart is. It is where ours are – with our children. Wanting the best for them. Wanting to take away the worry, the burden, the complications, the everything. We share your excitement and cannot wait to hear more from Dr. Ricordi. Thank you for your enthusiasm and dedication to our shared goal. We are very grateful for you, Tom. My heart has been heavy, thinking about the effect all this has had on you. I hope you can feel our virtual ((hug)) across the miles.

My son was diagnosed 5 years ago. I believe I saw you speak @ the Marriot Marquis in Manhattan around that time. We were desperate for answers & knowledge. When you said your daughter was diagnosed 15 years ago (at that time it was) I was discouraged that you were so passionate about finding a cure as we were…but were 15 years into it, with no cure. As one T1 parent to another…I know your enthusiasm about this latest research was not melicious. You’re in the trenches, making a cure your full-time job & mission. I too was very excited to hear about the “cure” and was a little let down. Emotions run high when you know you can lose your child at any moment to this disease, so when a cure is mentioned, everything just…..stops. I enjoy your blog and feel sorry for all the negativity you and your family enduring right now. I hope we can all forgive and move on because we are really all in this together. I would be lost without my T1 community

It has completely angered me to hear of the negative comments. Any step with research is positive and to me this is a BIG one we should all be excited about.
Please don’t let the negative people affect what your doing. I would love to know how to be involved please contact me if you have any suggestions.
Thank you!!

My heart breaks for you Tom. And it breaks for the DOC. We are better than this people. Lets put our energy into fighting the disease – not each other.

Don’t ever apologize for finding diabetes unacceptable and for giving those of us who live with it hope. We thank you Tom!

I think people took their anger and disappointment out on you. Not right – but it sounds like you undertand that. Still -it’s not right. (((Hugs))) to you.

I said it yesterday and it bears repeating. Feelings are neither right or wrong. Everyone has the right to feel what they do, it’s our response to those feelings that count. People need to be ashamed of themselves personally attacking anyone, yet alone your family, for you posting your feelings! You are excited for this breakthrough. This could change diabetes as we know it. I look forward to hearing more. You are making a difference. Please continue. Everyone else, we need to pull together now.

Tom, I have no words that would fully express how I feel about your apology…unnecessary? That’s the only one I can think of. I DO notice that NOT ONE person leading the charge against you has commented. Funny that? When all of our children were dx, we ALL wanted to blame SOMEONE. If anyone says they didn’t, I’d call them a liar to their face. Where did blame or finding blame get ANY if us? NOWHERE!!! You are and always will be a rock star to me. You spoke from the heart. Anyone who doesn’t see that must be missing part of their own!!! Keep fighting the good fight Tom! We are ALL behind you!!!


I didn’t have an expectation for the announcement. I am pleased by it. This is the nature of science. If there had been a “cure” we’d have all known about it long since. The DRI is moving forward with solid sane careful science that has the real potential to work.

You asked a couple of weeks ago what a cure would look like. I said I didn’t want to have to think about diabetes, at least not often, and that on a calendar. This would do that. Works for me.

I’m sorry you and your family have been attacked. Too many TV miracles I’m afraid and not enough time in the heartbreaking, frustrating, gritty reality trenches of real science. These things take time. They cost money.

This is the most hopeful thing I’ve heard since “joining the club.” My kid will go through one or more robots (closed loop soon I hope), before this will be the answer, but it is the right kind of answer.

I’m so sorry for what your family is going through. Chin up! Keep marching on… You have to live with yourself and I tend to believe your heart was in the right place and I hope you sleep like a baby….soon 🙂

Keep up the good work w/finding a cure… No apologies needed. You are responsible for what you say… NOT what others may assume is going to be said after that. HUGS!

You are too important to the DOC to let this get to you Tom! You gave good news. Some people expected more than you could give. We all want a cure. Some don’t want to get excited until the cure has been administered and proven lasting. But the cure will only come as a progression of events and discoveries that lead to the end of type 1 diabetes. There is no single pill, no magic wand, no matter how much we either pray to or curse God for one. Some are still enraged at the disease and are hanging on by their fingernails for that elusive cure to put things right. It appears that same rage has been let loose in the wrong direction. I hate this disease as much as anyone but I know to direct my rage toward the disease and the ignorance out there, not at the great people who are anxious to spread the latest, credible, positive news. I know to channel my extreme desire to help bring the cure about the only way I can, through fundraising and awareness. With all of the negative aspects of this disease, we cannot afford to be negative toward each other. I want to hear every time there is good, credible news about the progression toward the cure. So please keep telling us Diabetes Dad. I’ll pray for the ones who are not ready to hear it.

Tom, I’m sorry you are facing this degree of backlash. The comments you say were made about your family? Wow. I’m stunned. While I personally have opinions about how this BioHub stuff was marketed and played up by the DRI ahead of time, that doesn’t change the fact that I support the research side of things and do see so much promise in it. And for you personally, despite all of this, I hold in high regard your heart, passion, and work for our community online and offline. Maybe this can spark some constructive, realistic and non-personal discussion about how the DRI and ALL D-organizations draw the line between exciting research, marketing, and fundraising — especially when it comes down to such personal and emotional topics such as cure and technology advances. Hopefully calmer heads and voices prevail. Emotional stuff, and hopefully we can not only move past but learn from this. But as you point out, whatever may come from it, standing together against diabetes as a comminity is the way forward. Thanks for all the good that you do for all of us, Tom.

From one d dad to another – keep fighting and staying optimistic. No apology necessary. A critic has never built a thing and surely is doing nothing to move towards a cure for our kids. Ryan, my middle boy is 8 and was diag’d at 5. I believe we will see a cure in his lifetime….but if we don’t; life is good! And each medical advancement will help him and us manage and deal with the disease better.
Thank you!

I’ve been really feeling for you n I had no idea that it got that bad ! I can’t imagine people stooping that low n saying that stuff about your children not appropriate n unexceptable! I did get my hopes up as I am newer but whatever, I know ur a dad n want the same things as us for our babies n u were just more excited then it lead me n that’s ok bc it is cool stuff n keeps us hopeful! I accepted the apology n moved on but I really have been thinking of u knowing that some things were said but not to that degree n I’m sorry for you! But remember Tom our fight is the same n nothin can stop that ! I’m a t1 momma n ill do whatever it takes !!! Hug those kids

No need to apologize. You are the heart of the diabetes community. You didn’t promise a cure, you shared hope and excitement. You presented more than a step, more of a visible leap towards what we all hope will come. Love you, appreciate you and it is time for everyone to move on to what is important! Keep up your hard work, Tom. We need you!!

I think you are right, people need to agree to disagree about this and many other things. This is a hugh advancement not just for the dc but fore all treatments of all diseases. This may not be a cure but its in the right direction and if we could use some ones own stem cells or other cells this could be even bigger. Thank you for posting and keeping us all updated on the work that is being done

Wow! How childish can people be in this crazy world. Please know that there are many many many many of us that respect and admire what you do. You are our rock that we know is still out there fighting for those of us that haven’t quite found our own way how to yet. NEVER let people stop you from moving forward. Thank you from this family in Louisiana. You will never now how your blog has guided me this last year.

This is absolutely dreadful. Why would people act is such a way. Social media can accomplish so much good. Its a shame that a few choose to use it negatively and say things they would never say ‘face to face’. They are evil.

I am sorry you have had to experience this unkindness Tom. Please keep on doing what you do, you are a truly inspirational man who is helping people all over the world. Please ‘rise above’ those few. x

I was disappointed at the news but am horrified to hear that anyone would have made threats to you and your family and wished misfortune to them. That would never have entered my head and I think those people should be ashamed of themselves.

I can only reiterate what others have said – no matter what their views on your blog and announcement such reactions and comments are unacceptable. You cannot be faulted for your support to the DOC and obvious love and commitment to your children. These are the things that matter , stay string and allow yourself to listen to and absorb the many words if support and hopefully it will drown out the negativity.

Next time, get a grip on yourself and don’t let your emotions override your senses. You’ve been acting like an excited little girl with no grounding in reality, and now you’re pouting like one. There’s no place for hype in our community. It’s a betrayal. Grow up and grow a pair. I have no pity for you.

So rude Sharon – and uncalled for – THIS is the very attitude that is causing all the problems

I can only hope that you feel the love more than you feel anything else being directed towards you. Anytime I hear of any news I am in awe of the brilliance of these scientists who are working so diligently towards a cure for our children (and adults). I am sorry you are at the receiving end of peoples disappointment, that is unfair. But know there are so many of us lifting you and your family up. Please be strong & know we are here with you through the end!

I do not understand why all the hateful comments and anger. We are all trying for the same thing. We are supposed to be a community. Excitement and enthusiasm for new research and information is what I would expect from anyone. Tom, you have given me so much from your words for a long time. Apologies for excitement is NOT necessary. I am so very sorry that people can be so horrible! I will never understand how people can treat others that way. Please know that my support is not only with you, but your entire family as well.

I’m sad to hear people’s treatment of you and felt that your initial explanation of your own excitement made sense. I appreciated you clarifying things, thank you.

The angry words from others are uncalled for. Your apology goes much farther than any of the words in the past few days. You’re a wonderful advocate and member of the DOC. I hope you now understand the power of your words and you continue to use that power to advocate 🙂 unbridled passion can sneak up on anyone, thank you for your apology and especially for your work!

One of the reasons I follow your blog is because of your enthusiasm…about a cure, about advocacy, about all we can get out there and do about diabetes. It’s a unique voice in this community and can be infectious; a good thing in my opinion. I trust that your enthusiasm about the BioHub is not unwarranted and look forward to hearing more about it. Meanwhile, keep up your hard work.

No more apologies necessary. People need to move on and stop arguing. But, some people live to argue. Just ignore it…don’t read their emails…don’t let them get to you. You are a great diabetes dad!

Thank you Tom, I’m sorry for the mean comments directed at you and your children, they should have never been said. I appreciate the apology, we are all in this for the same reason, the cure. I have faith and hope that one day, that will happen in one outlet or another.

Wow. I was one that misunderstood your original “teaser” to suggest a cure was at hand. Re-reading it showed me that was still your hope but not what you were actually saying. I appreciated your apology. I moved on. I am stunned that so much hatred has been expressed over this and that ANYONE would verbally attack your children…or anyone…from their confusion makes me so very sad. Tom, I am thankful for all you do to keep type 1 families informed and united. and I am grateful that the DRI is working on a cure. My own type 1 son would love to have the BioHub implanted while he waits further for a CURE.

While I did not appreciate nor enjoy the way this was “rolled out” it is completely unacceptable for anyone to threaten you or your family. We can all disagree over this incident but the infighting needs to stop. The DOC is a powerful and vital community that we all need and we do not need this to tear us apart. I am sorry that it has risen to this level.

Holy cow, this is crazy. Simply, you are/ were excited about DRI’s research. Awesome, I am excited too – it is great stuff. You do not owe anyone anything as you state; your a Diabetes Dad. The DOC is comprised of many different sorts; bloggers, parents, advocates, etc… Praise research and keep it coming DRI!!!

Hi Tom, just wanted to send our love and support from the UK and say thank you for your hard work and enthusiasm. The bullying you and your family have experienced is unacceptable and probably comes from people who have done nothing to raise money or help in the search for a cure. Please keep doing what you do, we are all behind you!

NO apology necessary Tom and DRI – there is nothing to apologize for. Gratefulness yes, absolutely for all your hard work and dedication to our cause. As for people wishing your family ill, that’s got to be one of the worst things I’ve heard lately. Keep on keeping on and let’s all work in the same direction to see the lights go out at DRI with a cure for our kids shall we??????

I am one of those parents who went to bed dreaming of a cure, only to wake to heartbreak and disapointment. It felt like a blow to the stomach and I was angry. However, someone making threats to your family is disgusting. Unconscionable. I am so sorry that had to happy to you.
Yes, I think most of us thought it was too good to be true, but you understand how desperately we will hang on to any hope that there will be an end to T1D.
Thank you for the apology. It seems that you do understand how we felt, which is important.
Let’s all refocus on the important work done by the DRI in finding a cure.

This is certainly an emotional topic, but I think we all need to step back and look at the big picture. Look at people’s intentions. Yes, I believe mistakes were made in the delivery of the message, and yes, I believe mistakes were made in the community’s response to that message. But none of them – NONE – were done with the intention of hurting anyone, stealing from anyone, or doing anything other than supporting the dream of a cure. I have faith in people.

At least that’s what I thought until I read this message. After reading about the threats and malice towards you and your family (over a blog post!), well, I’m just speechless. That is absolutely inexcusable, and I may be forced to reconsider my faith in humanity.

I was one of the ones to get very upset over the post and was part of the whole “this is not what it was hyped up to be by him” crowd. I’ll admit. I was hurt. From what it seemed, we had some gigantic breakthrough that far surpassed anything we had ever seen – and when it was revealed, it didn’t seem to be. But never once did I ever think that what you did or wrote called for anyone to threaten you or your children. That reaction was absolutely horrible. Keep doing what you’re doing, just remember how you present things to us. It takes a big man with a big heart to apologize as you have here, and I am very appreciative of you for doing so.

I agree with everything Sarah said. I was NOT a fan of how things were presented – frankly, after 20 years of D, I’m sick of hearing ‘we’re so close!’ only to have my hopes dashed AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN, etc – but no matter how things were presented, you and your family do not deserve the kind of backlash you’ve received. I’m truly sorry that you and your family have experienced that kind of immature reaction.

Like many above me here in this thread have pointed out, my anger was geared towards the “hype” of what was to be announced. I agree with Mike Hoskins that majority of the problem with me was how it was marketed and played on emotions, which I think the biggest mistake was. But at the end of the day, the research that the DRI provides is great. The support, advocacy, and passion that you bring to the diabetes community is incredible and to apologize is a whole other form of respect and admiration. Some of the backlash is just uncalled for, never should another person’s life be threatened, and I think that the backlash against the DRI is not going to help in the end. We need the research of the DRI, so to stop supporting them completely, I don’t see the benefits in that.

Well said Tom – and like you – I was overcome with how the D-OC reacted. Yes, I was expecting a CURE to be announced – but took it in stride with what DRI is doing. I as a T1D of almost 50 years – still appreciate all the hard work that has been done over the years to help improve my life as a diabetic – to let me go on with my life to the fullest with all the medical advancements. I’m fortunate enough to live in part of the world that can afford these technologies to help me – I feel bad for the countries that don’t have this advantage. We as advocates – just try to do the best we can via forums like this – or verbally – and sometimes it doesn’t always come across the way we had hoped. I and many others I am sure will be giving you a wink over the w/e in Toronto – and just know – with no words spoken – that we are all in this together – I know I will be until the very end (and as my non-D mates tell me – they think I’ll outlive them all – which I hope is wrong).

Well said Tom – and like you – I was overcome with how the D-OC reacted. Yes, I was expecting a CURE to be announced – but took it in stride with what DRI is doing. I as a T1D of almost 50 years – still appreciate all the hard work that has been done over the years to help improve my life as a diabetic – to let me go on with my life to the fullest with all the medical advancements. I’m fortunate enough to live in part of the world that can afford these technologies to help me – I feel bad for the countries that don’t have this advantage. We as advocates – just try to do the best we can via forums like this – or verbally – and sometimes it doesn’t always come across the way we had hoped. I and many others I am sure will be giving you a wink over the w/e in Toronto – and just know – with no words spoken – that we are all in this together – I know I will be until the very end (and as my non-D mates tell me – they think I’ll outlive them all – which I hope is wrong).

It’s awful to hear of vicious personal attacks from within the Diabetes community. Peace to you and your family. In the words of Dory….”just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming…”

Tom, I am so sorry for the whiplash towards you and your family. Threats of any nature are wrong. You did nothing to have people attack you that way. I admit, I was one of the upset folks. My grandson is newly diagnosed and we have never been through a breakthrough…so our hopes soared for a close cure. However, I interpreted the message as a whole as an update to what has been accomplished so far….and that donations were needed to continue the search. Now, I understand, donations are ALWAYS NEEDED, but I did not care for the big push on the notice…kind of soured me some on donating….which I don’t like. I want to help find the cure and I know $$ is needed. Be strong, Tom. Know your heart was in the right place…continue your search for your children and all with T1D. Thank you. Dee

Tom, I didn’t read all the hostile stuff, and I won’t — not worth my time. I will admit I was disappointed and felt very let down, but that’s NOT your fault. You were excited, and you were communicating what you felt, and that is your right! People can disagree politely, but the name-calling and threats and hostility are NEVER called for. And I do thank you for your enthusiasm and your work toward finding a cure. I’m glad you love your children so much, and I hope you are still alive when the cure comes, because I’m sure it will. I just don’t know when it will be.

So, keep on truckin’, buddy, and know that I, for one, do appreciate your efforts!

Sorry for the people who left unacceptable responses. Your hope relit my fire for a cure. We cannot give up. We must find it .

Just wanted to send you and your family love and support Tom – you live with integrity and passion and we find you extremely inspiring. Thank you for all the great work you do and keep it up

Tom, you wrote what you were excited about. I did not respond before because I am leary of being told a cure is right around the corner. I was not upset with you, but I did not get excited about a cure either. You have the right to blog what you want. NO ONE, has the right to say that they wish your children with diabetes would die. That person has no heart. I am sorry for all the negative comments you received. I have tried to stay out of the mess, but have made a couple of comments–that your blog made me hopeful, but not excited. Please continue to let us know what is going on in the D world. BTW, my daughter was diagnosed almost 15 years ago at the age of 13. She is married now and does all her own D care. In fact, she wanted to right from the start. I am hopeful that she will someday not have to live with all that D entails. Thank you!

Tom you didn’t need to apologize a second time. People who made those terrible remarks have no character. Sure, I was not as excited once I watched the video and read the DRI release. But it is still better than the AP or what we have now. I do have a lot of questions. I’ll try to line you up for an interview for my blog, I am writing a post on it. Maybe I will get through to some of the researchers on the project and ask them questions. I have 2 daughters with Type 1, and I am a diabetes dad too. Godspeed.

I do not have a child nor any immediate family member that suffers from diabetes, so I do not profess to know the pain of this disease. What I do know is right from wrong. People can express their opinions, we all have opinions, we all make mistakes, and most of us learn from them and go on to be better human beings. But to send someone death threats, and aimed at children no less, is reprehensible, and shame, shame, shame on anyone that did stooped so low. I hope that people like Mr. Karlya continue their devotion to finding a cure.

I want to personal thank you for your apology. I do believe it is heart felt and I don’t believe any parent with a T1D child would intentionally put us all in a position to be let down. for me it was I was just hoping you might be able to see from our shoes or anyone’s (even my aunt with non T1D child was excited for us) how it could possibly been taken b/c she took it that way also ,so it was not just T1D parents with unrealistic expectations from reading your blog…. but with that said I do believe with all the help & advice you’ve given us in the support group …. you are a good man , but u don’t need me to tell u that or anyone for that matter.. The ones who have sent you these horrible horrible things shame on them & if the have a T1d child & believe there is a god how do they think he feels of their reaction to u… on to others……. Matthew 7:12……Romans 12:3 ….. and on behalf of those ppl I am sorry u r & ur family are now going throw this b/c a dad shared his excitement with us and they should remember you r first a dad of a T1d child then a blogger and we should be more careful when we read ur blog in the future and understand this is coming for a T1D dad possible just excited about something and nothing more from now on.. Please keep writing , keep supporting ”””””””that’s all I have to say

Tom – I was and am, one of the ones who wished the Biohub rollout & marketing had been handled differently – because after 35 years of living with type 1 diabetes I prefer quiet facts when it comes to anything re: the cure for diabetes, instead of hype.
The diabetes cure is a personal and emotional topic for every single one of us in the diabetes trenches. Many of us have been waiting decades for the cure in ” 5 to 10 years” and have watched previous attempts fail.
But that doesn’t mean we’ve lost hope – It mean that we prefer words surrounding the cure to be chosen with care and consideration.
I’m incredibly saddened that anyone would wish ill harm to you or your children with diabetes. As someone who knows the pain of losing loved ones to type 1 diabetes first hand, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.
We, every single one of us in the diabetes online community & diabetes organizations, must & will remember the lessons learned from this experience and move forward, because living with diabetes has taught us to do just that.
Kelly K~

I’m embarrassed for the people that made those horrible comments. Regardless if they were disappointed in the research news, stable people just don’t react like that. I’m fine with the normal negative comments that were made because everyone has a right to their opinion. But threatening you… I’m sorry but those individuals need to seek the help of a therapist because their issues go a lot deeper than this particular incident. I hope they find the strength to admit they have a serious problem that needs attention

How very sad people are defaulting to personal attacks, as if it is your fault their hopes are not realized. While hope is a hard emotion; shame, fear, and unworthiness are even harder and when not faced head on they will deflate people to attack mode. It may not have been the news many ‘hoped’ for it is a step forward, progress… hope is not actionable but progress is.

I truly believe things you believe in wholeheartedly are worth standing up for, regardless…

What is that saying? “If you don’t stand for anything, you’ll never know who you truly are.”

Bravo for taking a stand, bravo for correcting a hurt, and bravo for continuing the fight.

Trial test are already underway in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for the Sernova Cell Pouch which is basically the same as the more marketed DRI’s BioHub.

Anybody that what to take part in the trials are more than welcome but in reality there is a lot less hype with the down to earth Sernova Corporation as they said “nothing has been proven yet with cell pouch use and many problems are still required to be addressed.”

If you ask me, the BioHub is a marketing scam…and the next so-called “quantum step” should not be credited to DRI…but to multiple international diabetes research center which have been working on this project for years.

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