How Important Are Our Kids with Four Paws?????

Dusty Jesse PatrioticI have two kids with four paws.

Dusty and Jessie are as much a part of this family as the rest of us.  They were given their names from the movie Tootsie, which is a movie of great significance in our lives.  Our first dog was named Tootsie and I’m sure she was never happy with it, but she was a very good dog.  I’m still unsure if these two could ever ‘fill her paws’; but they’re getting there. 

For a short while, before Tootsie left us, we had three dogs.  This is a significant point because we were never going to have one dog…….ever.  And we never would have except when dogs are puppies; they are very, very, cute; in case you did not know that point; and I caved on that ‘rule-of-the-house’.   Two puppies and an ailing Bichon Frise of 16 years.  The two Shih Tzu puppies (well dogs now) are brother and sister from two different litters about a year apart.  They are LOST without each other.  Dusty, for Dustin Hoffman and Jessie for Jessica Lange (keeping the Tootsie-movie-theme going) are as silly as they are protective.  And they cuddle real good.

Recently I found a test strip on Dusty.  Now I’m sure dogs do not know anything about diabetes being in our household.  I find it interesting that some dogs are actually trained to sense blood sugar at the high or low ends……always fascinated me that they can be trained to do that. 

When I saw the test strip attached to Dusty’s ear, I wondered if he knows or cares about Kaitlyn and Rob and everything they go through.  Although rare, we have found them in one of the kids’ bed, and many times it is after we find they had a rough night.  Do they know?  I mean they are dogs right, how would they know?

I also find myself talking to them.  Before you tell me how silly that sounds I want you to know that no one is going to convince me otherwise that they do not understand my frustrations with this disease.  They do.  I know that because sometimes they will kiss my nose when I’m done speaking to them.  But in fair disclosure, sometimes they just want to be fed.

So I hope you have a kid or two or three that is furry and comforting to you when you need it.  One or two or three that will run to meet you at the door, come hug you for no reason, play fetch-the-ball (Dusty is great at that, Jessie could care less most of the time or she sits while Dusty runs and gets the ball, bites him when he returns it, and picks up the ball when Dusty drops it to bite her back), or will just come sit with you because you need to pat-a-head or scratch an ear.  Or maybe because you need someone to talk to when no one is around.  If you have a dog or a cat then you know just how important it is to have a kid, or two or three with four paws.

I am a diabetes dad.

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