The Loss of a Child.

Blue CandlesWhen you saw the headline….did you rush here?  Did you rush to see who is it this time that has passed away?

Well this is only to remind us all that there are people in our DOC (Diabetes Online Community)–people we love—-who have a child or a loved one who has lost this battle.

Believe me, those who lost a loved one—need no reminder.

I did this so WE never forget them and there are quite a few.  While we had Christmas, they avoided Christmas cards because they are not complete, Christmas will never be the same.  Neither will any holiday or birthday.  They rewrote the meaning of Mile 23–the number 23 will never mean the same.  While we mourned for a tragedy in Connecticut, their tragedy continues.  The death of a child is a death of a child.

Just because we avoid talking about it, there are many who live the loss every day.

I do not tell you this to depress you, I tell you this because while many of us have moved on since we first heard the news about this child or that child….these families are reminded daily.  By a post, a smile, a snowflake, or whatever it is that made them stop today and say, “I would give anything to once again have to deal with a low or a high.”

They encourage us to this day, even with their pain, so this; the day before New Year’s Eve, do I say to all those who lost a hero to this disease; thank you.  Thank you for staying in touch, thank you for reminding us that no matter ‘how bad’ our day can be…it surely indeed could be worse, and thank you for staying in touch with your DOC family.

We love you all and thank you all.

I am a diabetesdad.