The Loss of a Child.

Blue CandlesWhen you saw the headline….did you rush here?  Did you rush to see who is it this time that has passed away?

Well this is only to remind us all that there are people in our DOC (Diabetes Online Community)–people we love—-who have a child or a loved one who has lost this battle.

Believe me, those who lost a loved one—need no reminder.

I did this so WE never forget them and there are quite a few.  While we had Christmas, they avoided Christmas cards because they are not complete, Christmas will never be the same.  Neither will any holiday or birthday.  They rewrote the meaning of Mile 23–the number 23 will never mean the same.  While we mourned for a tragedy in Connecticut, their tragedy continues.  The death of a child is a death of a child.

Just because we avoid talking about it, there are many who live the loss every day.

I do not tell you this to depress you, I tell you this because while many of us have moved on since we first heard the news about this child or that child….these families are reminded daily.  By a post, a smile, a snowflake, or whatever it is that made them stop today and say, “I would give anything to once again have to deal with a low or a high.”

They encourage us to this day, even with their pain, so this; the day before New Year’s Eve, do I say to all those who lost a hero to this disease; thank you.  Thank you for staying in touch, thank you for reminding us that no matter ‘how bad’ our day can be…it surely indeed could be worse, and thank you for staying in touch with your DOC family.

We love you all and thank you all.

I am a diabetesdad.

Diabetes Winning in your House?—3 Who Inspire Daily—Learn.

Are you living on life support?   I’m amazed when I read or hear some of the stories people relay living life with their children and the ‘new’ normal of diabetes in the household.  Some good, some not so good.  But let’s focus on the good and see if it can help those who live with such adversity in their life.  Ask yourself this as you move forward reading, am I living to the fullest or am I allowing myself to be beaten?

Remember this; we all are living with diabetes and I am fully aware that sometimes it will always get us into the dumps.  No matter how great an attitude we think we have, there will always be a time when we need a jump-start because we just get so tired.  (dealing with an all night blood sugar over 500 this week…..such a time).

But why is it that we can read stories or a Facebook post from Moira McCarthy or Diane Pridmore, and even on a bad day, they put a smile on our face with how they approach dealing with day-to-day diabetes? 

Diane has this incredible talent of making you feel present at her child’s Miss Kitty themed birthday party and make you smile with delight in her descriptions; and on another day she will zap you with:
“Here’s a news flash: I don’t have diabetes. My son does and until you get up three, four, eight times a night…. Write a 504…. Battle a nurse….or any other obstacle in human life PLUS diabetes you should STFU. Message me or call me and I am happy to educate you. Proper.”
But nowhere do you get the feeling that this mom is ever going to let diabetes win this war.  Her strength and willingness to help anyone who comes across her path is downright enviable.

Moira has been at this for 15 years…..15!!!!!  This is extremely important to take notice because this mom’s fight seems stronger than when she started when her daughter was diagnosed in 1997.  A recent post on Facebook:
“Yesterday I spoke at the Joslin at a really cool event for teens with Type 1 and their parents — sponsored by ADA, Joslin and the College Diabetes Network. Last night a donation to my JDRF Ride to Cure effort came through from a dad I met THAT DAY. I mean, wow. And: more proof that most of the d organizations work in harmony.”
Seriously?  Does this look like a woman who has any intention of slowing down soon? 

Even those Parents that suffered the absolute incredible ultimate heartache teach us a lesson every day.  This was posted today by Michelle Page Alswager who lost her son Jesse;
“I could spend the day reliving one horrific and indescribable day or I can spend it reliving 13 great years of memories. Happy 16 Jesse. We miss you.”  

How bad is your day…….really?    

What’s my point?  You can let every single detail of diabetes in your life; each high, low, insulin reaction, pump malfunction, not eating, eating too much, kids not listening and any other struggle strapped down with the weight of the world and let it pull you under……..or…… can deal with diabetes to the best of your ability; suffer the pains, but LIVE the LIFE.

DO not think for one moment that the three women I highlighted here today don’t have the absolute low of the lows sometimes?  You cannot control diabetes coming into your home, but you can control what you do with it when it takes up residence.

Diane, Moira, and Michelle are great teachers of that……’s up to you whether you choose to learn or not.  They have taught me plenty…… about you?

I am a Diabetesdad.