PWDs….”There Came a Time in Your Life When…….”—–Please Share with Us.

toy boxDon’t you love kids? 

I was thinking today how I remember when Kaitlyn was younger that her only goal was ‘to get back out there’ and be a kid.

It was always like, ‘hurry–hurry–they’re waiting for me”…diabetes was a side note to her life.  I always wish, as parents, we could make diabetes a ‘side note’……don’t you?

We can surely try very hard not to have diabetes consume every aspect of our lives and some of us are very, very, VERY, good at that attempt.  But if you have kids with diabetes, you KNOW EXACTLY what I mean.

Watch them as they deal with their diabetes.   It truly is remarkable.  “Do it—do it—I have things to do.”  And off they go, back to whatever ‘we took them from’ to check their blood, give a shot, or what I call, to do diabetes-whatever.

At some point, the toys were outgrown, and diabetes became more real; and mom and dad no longer taking care of diabetes had to step in.

I would be very interested to hear from those PWDs who are now adults, who grew up with diabetes.  Do you remember what it was like growing up with diabetes?  Do you have the same attitude ‘of getting back out there’ today as you did when you were younger?

Did your parents’ concern/care for your diabetes allow you to just move forward or was it front and center with you during childhood as us parents make it in our own lives?

An interesting question.  To my PWDs friends, of course you are more mature now than a child but could you try to capture if there was a time that diabetes was just there and if there arrived a time when you said, “Crap, this is mine and I better deal with it.”

Would you be so kind as to share?

I am a diabetes dad.

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