computerFor some reason, and I am not exactly sure why; the last three days have been an absolute perfect-storm for the techno-gods to not shine their smiling faces upon me.  My oh my–what a mess.  One computer glitch disaster to another.

Traveling as much as I do—-this could potentially become a problem….and this trip….it surely did.

Now this may surprise you; but that got me to thinking. 🙂

How much do we rely on all of the modern conveniences of technology that when it runs amuck, we pay a price for it.  That price is frustration.

I found myself talking to my computer like it was a child who had done wrong.  And as the stern parent I demanded an answer…..yeah that didn’t work too well.  Our lives have become totally reliant on these mechanical-must-owns in almost everything we do.

Even in our kids, shots are replaced by pumps and blood testing is also being done more and more on a reliant basis.   And in as much as I love technology, and I love the computer, I have recently asked myself; What do we do when it goes off track?

Have we become too reliant on modern technology?  What do you think?

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